As English Bodybuilder Misses Olympia Due to VISA Issues, American Legend Reflects on Their Privilege: “It Just Su*ks… We Have It So Easy Because We Live Here”

Published 10/27/2023, 2:15 PM EDT

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While most of the Mr. Olympia participants are at their peak, polishing their year-long hard work on their bodies, not everyone is having the same amount of happiness. Although the stage of Mr. Olympia is considered the most prestigious in the bodybuilding industry, it still does not have the flexibility to provide its participants with the opportunity to move around as per their wishes.

This year, like many others, a lot of the participants have to miss their opportunity despite getting an invitation from Mr. Olympia. The reason for such a slip of luck baffles the fandom as the organization does not take proper actions regarding its venue.

Flex Wheeler’s statement about Nathan De Asha


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The latest video titled, “OLYMPIA FINAL PREDICTIONS WITH BOB CHICK, FLEX WHEELER, SHAWN RAY, CHRIS CORMIER AND TERRICK”, posted by OlympiaTV featured the incident of Nathan De Asha not receiving his VISA. As soon as the experts hear it, Flex Wheeler replied, “You know, all that training, you know, put into it and it just sucks right. I mean we have it so easy because we live here.”


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Furthermore, Wheeler also pointed out how difficult and heartbreaking the whole situation becomes for the individual who had dedicated so much of his time and efforts for the contest. He stated, “It’s diffused but you’re left with all this energy stirring inside you. Man, what do you do
so my heart goes out to the young man.”

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Nathan De Asha had been a promising contestant in the competition. But bad luck has never left him alone. With a history of medical conditions, he was reported to be discussed by bodybuilding experts.

He tore his biceps: Manager Matt


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In one of the episodes of Cutler Cast, Jay Cutler, and Manager Matt were discussing which bodybuilder is most suited to win the Sandrow Trophy. It was then when Manager Matt replied, “You know and he went through a lot he tore his arm he tore his biceps picking his son up it wasn’t a gym exercise, and then the other time he was throwing football.

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In the world of bodybuilding, it is quite unfair when regional differences don’t let an individual use his full potential. Fans and the whole community have felt the demerits of having Mr. Olympia held only in the USA all the time. Do you think it should be held elsewhere like before? Let us know your opinion.


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