At Their First Marriage Anniversary, 7XMr. Olympia Phil Heath Pays His Wife a Heartfelt Tribute: “I Never Understood True Unconditional Love Until You Came Into My Life”

Published 11/25/2023, 9:48 PM EST

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Phil Heath is not only a bodybuilding champ who has seven Mr. Olympia, but he has also achieved greatness in life with the support of friends and family. He is extremely hard-working and has been rewarded for his perseverance. Even in his personal life, whenever there was a setback he found solace in his close ones especially his wife.

Recently, they had their marriage anniversary and he posted a heartfelt message for his wife on Instagram.

Phil Heath thanks his wife for her sacrifices


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The Instagram post is a short video of all the pictures of their marriage, as well as other pictures with the couple sweetly, posing and smiling at each other. Heath definitely loves his wife by the way he looks at her. He showed his gratefulness in a long message in the caption, expressing his love and respect for his wife Shurie Cremona.



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A post shared by Phil Heath (@philheath)

He wrote, “Today is @shuriecremona and I first marriage anniversary and I am so excited. Last year we decided last minute to get married. Your uncle married us in his church, and your mom and aunt had a last-minute cake made. For years we wanted the perfect wedding and always allowed life to get in the way.” 

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The bodybuilding champion expressed his gratitude for the sacrifices that his wife has made for him by leaving her family behind to support his dreams. He spoke about their minimalist marriage which was extremely memorable, and also about his unconditional love for her. She sacrificed her career as well as her friends to support her husband through all hardships. However, she had shown her gratitude towards her husband previously.


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Shurie is thankful for her husband

She had previously shared and Instagram picture, where she also showed her love towards her husband. She stated “The Reality- 1:45 am Dennys after making History. The ending to all Olympia Wins is far from glamorous. One minute you feel the highest high and the next minute you feel completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsettled. It’s the most massive adrenaline dump.”

The picture and caption projected the incredible journey that the couple went through together, and all the hard work that showed great results in the end. Heath has always had a good word for his second wife, who showed him the most amount of support at his lowest.


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