BTS Leader Kim Namjoon Follows Young Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Methods To Crush Every Workout

Published 09/14/2023, 1:45 PM EDT

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Bodybuilding is not just limited to the sphere of athletes who took it as a career. Nowadays, the sport is expanding more into different domains, thanks to the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger made bodybuilding famous in other entertainment industries. Recently, one of Arnie’s interesting methods has served as an inspiration for the leader of the biggest K-pop boyband, BTS. Kim Namjoon A.K.A RM is doing a lot of bodybuilding these days, and he abides by a method the Terminator star followed in his rookie days.

RM frequently posts stories of his bodybuilding regime on Instagram stories, and his Thursday workout looks quite intense. Let’s take a look.

Kim Namjoon follows the Austrian Oak’s method


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RM always shares his workout regime on his Instagram story. He shared today’s workout as well and the story consisted of the detailed reps he was going to do. The Grammy Nominated rapper who spoke at the UN meticulously wrote down each rep on the whiteboard. Bench Press, Cable Pec Fly to SLR, and even Hanging Leg Raise were included in the musician’s routine.

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With several Billboard No. 1 chartings and 217 songs under his belt, now he has another title of a chiseled and jacked bodybuilding enthusiast. Namjoon might have been inspired to write his reps on the whiteboard by a certain Austrian bodybuilder who later became the governor of Canada.


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The Austrian Oak who was inspired by Reg Park in his teenage years, had a unique way of recording his workout routines. He trained at the athletic unit named Athletic Union in Graz, Austria. This weightlifting club became the mecca for the bodybuilding champion. Schwarzenegger would write his workout regime on the wooden wall with a chalk. Arnie would mark down the line for each set that he worked on such as the Biceps, Triceps, Lats, or Chest. The workout was completed once he finished 20 sets of exercises for each of them. 

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So, RM who inspires millions of fans with his music was motivated by the Hollywood star and environmentalist bodybuilder. The young and talented Korean singer who is taking cues from Arnie reminds of the young Arnold who had come into the bodybuilding industry. Arnold is as strong even at 75 as most young bodybuilders, because of his exercise routine that he still maintains.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exercise routine can even exhaust young bodybuilders like Namjoon


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The Austrian Oak was asked a question by a fan on Reddit about his workout routine. The question hinted at how the bodybuilder still maintains impeccable health at 75. The Austrian gentleman expressed his gratitude to the fan and answered the question.

The fan asked, “How do still maintain your physique at nearly 70 years old?” Schwarzenegger replied,  “I’m 75, so thank you, I might have to take this one in the newsletter now.” So he did write a newsletter in Arnold’s Pump Club about his fitness secret. He wrote, “The main reason I keep up as much as I do is because of my relentless routine. There is no skipping workouts. There are no crappy days. It always happens, no matter what is going on, no matter how I feel. The other reason is that I’ve adapted my training. I’m realistic. I am not going to hit any records. I do my bike ride, and then I do machine circuits”


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Maybe Kim Namjoon, who has two-hour-long concerts to perform and a hectic routine as a musician, and takes the world by storm with his six bandmates needs the same routine. This consistency is what keeps him fit for his hectic schedule. Would you try out this method of writing your workout on a board to keep track? Tell us how you keep a track of your regime. 


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