Bodybuilding sensation and Ph.D. holder Dr. Mike Israetel is a well-known fitness coach, and he has his own YouTube channel called Renaissance Periodization. He is a sensation through social media and helps several people all around the world with his coaching and workout regimen. Dr. Israetel never stops when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. He keeps his fans updated about everything going on in his life.

The bodybuilding champion turned scholar recently, uploaded a picture on Reddit of his new physique update. Fans were eager to come into the comments end to discuss his 227lbs physique. The new update left fans awestruck.

Mike Israetel shocks fans with a new physique


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bodybuilding page on Reddit to upload his chiseled figure with the captions, “Mike Israetel looking surprisingly aesthetic at 227 lbs, 4 weeks out from masters nationals.”

The picture shows Dr. Mike standing in front of the camera and striking a pose for bodybuilding. His muscles are chiseled and perfectly sculpted. His coach is helping him with the poses, and both of them are standing inside the gym.

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Dr. Mike has always been a perfectionist when it comes to training since he has a Ph.D. in Sport Physiology. Therefore, he knows the right and the wrong steps of working out. He has previously talked about proper techniques for working out and steroids in his YouTube videos.

He has also previously said that steroids can help in muscle growth, but cannot replace a healthy diet. In an episode on Dave Tate’s podcast, Dr. Israetel discussed late-night snacking. Dr. Israetel said that one night he had a snack of milk and cereal and said, “So I am like woke up choking to the death and vomit,” he knows what should and should not be done during training. This also shows in his physique, and friends were left awestruck by his latest photo.

Fans compliment Dr. Israetel’s transformation

All the comments on Reddit were impressed by his physique even when some of them doubted it.


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One fan wrote, “Who needs a perfect mid-section when you’ve got knowledge gains like that? Mike Israetel is the real MVP.”

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One person criticized, “Looks like Mike’s midsection is the only thing not getting shredded for nationals #GutGoals.” Another person replied to this and said, “It’s just the lighting and body hair. On his Instagram, he appears pretty shredded in some pics.”


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One person said in complete awe, “Impressive Mike damn !!”

Dr. Mike Israetel he’s the MVP when it comes to bodybuilding and educating people about fitness and nutrition. Do you agree with his views on late-night snacks? What do you think of his transformed physique? Tell us in the comments.