“Could Not Walk for a Week”: 4x Classic Physique Star Who Battled Multiple Kidney Issues, Confesses How an Ordinary Game of Basketball Took Him Down

Published 07/06/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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Bodybuilding and sports like basketball are both physically demanding activities, but they require different skill sets and body compositions. While bodybuilders focus on developing massive muscle mass and strength, their pursuit of size and aesthetics can pose challenges when participating in sports that prioritize agility, endurance, and skill.

Currently weighing around 260lbs, 4x Classic Physique champion Chris Bumstead recently revealed in a podcast along with Chris Williamson about his post-retirement plans. He disclosed that he would like to return to the athletic dude that he used to be. Amidst this, he confessed about the time when a basketball game had a serious effect on his body.

Chris Bumstead reveals his tough experience after playing hoops


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The enormous size and weight of bodybuilders can put a significant strain on their joints and connective tissues. When engaging in activities like basketball, which involve repetitive jumping, landing, and sudden changes in direction, bodybuilders may experience increased stress on their knees, ankles, and other weight-bearing joints. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and potentially longer recovery periods. Bumstead revealed that he went through the same during a game of basketball that he indulged in a while ago.


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Explaining his experience, Bumstead disclosed, “I did it last year…I played with a bunch of guys here. We probably played for almost an hour. It was pretty long. And I could not walk for a week like it was just inflammation and pain.”

The reason behind Cbum’s will to take up CrossFit

From an early age, Chris Bumstead’s life revolved around sports. He participated in various athletic activities, including basketball and soccer, and developed a competitive spirit. These experiences not only fostered his love for physical fitness but also laid the foundation for his future success in the world of bodybuilding. Despite his success in the world of competitive bodybuilding, Bumstead has expressed his intention to transition into activities such as CrossFit and other athletic pursuits following his retirement.


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“I played like six of them [sports] when I was younger, I would like to get back to that like, form of feeling like I could run. I’m strong. I can do a lot of bodyweight exercises. I could train anywhere in the world, and just kind of like challenging my body in a new way,” stated Chris. 

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With a childhood deeply rooted in sports and a successful bodybuilding career, Bumstead is ready to embark on a new chapter in his athletic journey after his retirement.



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