Currently Wheelchair-Bound Ronnie Coleman Eases His Pain and “Numbness in Feet” With the Aid of Stem Cell Injections

Published 08/28/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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IFBB legend Ronnie Coleman dominated the bodybuilding world for years, setting eight Mr. Olympia titles to his name. However, he had to conclude his illustrious career owing to numerous injuries and pain the athlete was enduring. Coleman, dubbed as The King was so affected that he now remains confined to a wheelchair. 

In a recent interview with The Iced Coffee Hour on YouTube, the legend opened up about the best method that eases his pain. Hinting at Stem cell treatments as his ideal choice, Coleman admitted that the procedure helps him neutralize the numbness in his feet and legs. 

Ronnie Coleman relies on stem cell therapy


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Discussing his recovery methods in an interview, the 59-year-old athlete was asked his foremost purpose behind undergoing stem cell treatments. Coleman did not hesitate to confirm that for him the method is simply to ease his pain and eventually add to his recovery. He also admitted to reaping the benefits of the procedure as his numbness and pain have greatly improved overtime.


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“for me is to keep the pain away okay and hopefully, you know recovery you know also like I have a lot of numbness in my feet and in my legs but uh a lot of it is going away,” the IFBB pro expressed. Furthermore, The King added that more injections result in greater relief in his body. 

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He said, “the more injections I get, the better everything else gets, the numbness and everything gets too.” Following this, the hosts were curious about the expenses of the effective treatment. Surprisingly, Coleman revealed that he never had to pay for any of these treatments. However, the costs may go up to twenty thousand dollars in the U.S. Similarly, the pro previously addressed his stem cell journey in another interview. 

Ronnie Coleman’s initial impression of the recovery method


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While it is unimaginable the extent of pain the star athlete might be enduring, it is surely heartening to know that stem cell treatments have helped him relieve the pain. Appearing on The Menace Podcast with Dennis James, Coleman once disclosed that he had been undergoing stem cell therapy in Mexico. 

Explaining its effectiveness, the athlete said, “it works real good. I was in a lot of pain. It all went away like four-five days later.” While there is no compromise on the effects, Coleman has to complete routine dosage cycles that help him stay out of pain. 


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While the treatment is costly in his homeland, The King is lucky to enjoy the benefits without having to spend a fortune from his pocket. Nonetheless, the athlete’s speedy recovery and a healthy life are what the community wishes for. 


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