Defying Age in His 60s, Former Natural Mr. Universe Spills the Beans on ‘Holding Onto Muscle’ Throughout Ageing

Published 06/25/2023, 12:45 PM EDT

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Legendary bodybuilder and 3x natural Mr. Universe John Hansen possesses one of the best physiques in the bodybuilding industry. Known for his unwavering dedication to natural bodybuilding and sculpting aesthetic muscles, he has always been acknowledged in the fitness community. His relentless pursuit of weightlifting excellence can be traced back to his deep-rooted fascination with superhero comic books during his childhood. As a retired athlete, he now assumes the role of a nutrition coach and fitness guru, providing invaluable guidance to his fans on achieving their ideal physique.

In a recent Instagram post, the fitness advocate talked about how an individual can retain muscle irrespective of age. Let’s see the insightful ideas that Hansen gave to his fans. 

John Hansen believes in consistent workouts


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He posted an Instagram picture comparing his younger self and his older self side by side. Both pictures depict the perfectly chiseled body that Hansen maintains throughout his life. He captioned the post by writing, “Holding onto Muscle as we get older is difficult but not impossible. 24 years old on the left and 60 on the right.” The 24-year-old and 60-year-old Hansen have differences in their appearance, but not when it comes to fitness.


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John further wrote, “The key is stimulating the muscles with hard and consistent workouts (I haven’t missed many workouts in 46 years of training), proper intake of macronutrients, and enough rest and recuperation. Message me questions and comments.”

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His dedication is visible from this picture and he is always imparting the same ideas to his followers as well.


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Hansen talks about the ideal physique

John Hansen, the 1998 Natural Olympia Champion, has consistently advocated for a foolproof approach to achieve the classic natural physique. In his recent Instagram post, he emphasized the importance of maintaining a 15-inch difference between the chest and waist measurements to attain the ideal physique. According to Hansen, this proportion plays a crucial role in achieving a visually appealing and well-balanced physique.

When he was interviewed by Simply Shredded, Hansen explained his training philosophy. He expressed his preference for free weights such as barbells and dumbbells over machines and cables. According to him, these free weights offer a more effective workout, resulting in increased muscle mass and strength. Additionally, he follows a training routine where each muscle group is targeted once a week, committing around four days to his workouts. Although he has stepped away from competitive endeavors, he remains dedicated to his training for aesthetic purposes.


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So it is clear that if there is a methodical training process and consistency throughout the years, then one can maintain a fit body even at old age. What do you think about Hansen’s advice? Tell us in the comments.


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