Despite Being Called Kendall Jenner’s Lookalike, Female Bodybuilder Shares the Sad Reality of Carrying a Muscular Physique: “People Tell Me My Muscles Are Photoshopped”

Published 05/07/2023, 9:49 AM EDT

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The bodybuilding world is majorly graced by male competitors, however, there are several female athletes who’ve managed to make a place for themselves, Andrea Shaw, and Monique Jones, to name a few. However, a combination of a shredded physique and a good-looking face is a characteristic that many people might find it hard to believe. Such is the case for this Russian fitness model who is speculated to resemble supermodel Kendall Jenner while flaunting a brawny frame, per Fitness Volt.

Vladislava Galagan, an OnlyFans fitness influencer, and bodybuilding enthusiast, has been successful in the platform, raking in around $10,000 monthly through her posts. Although she is greatly appreciated for her pleasant looks, her fans fail to believe that her mighty frame is real. 

Vladislava Galagan experiences double standards for her physique


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According to the publication, the 27-year-old athlete rose to fame because of her uncanny resemblance to Jenner in addition to her bouldering biceps and abs. Working as a fitness model by profession, she also bags in the extra income through her feats at the popular platform, Only Fans. Yet, her impressive blend of looks and physique is too good to believe for some fans. “people tell me my muscles are photoshopped because they can’t believe someone who looks like me could be so strong,” Galagan spoke. 


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However, the enthusiast doesn’t relate to the references to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star but uses it to her advantage. Thus, she added, “I am constantly told I look like ‘Kendall Jenner on steroids…I sell this image of being good-looking and muscular and combine it with a little erotic.” Galagan joined Only Fans last year, but has been hitting the gym for 11 years now. 

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After the influencer joined social media, she learned that many “men” are intrigued by tall, strong, and muscular women, also with good faces. Interestingly, Galagan admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs to boost her gains, but claims there is no shortcut to being shredded. Therefore, her strategy and lifestyle play a great role in her success on the platform. 


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Vladislava Galagan makes it to the popular world

Despite facing setbacks, the bodybuilding fanatic doesn’t intend to step back from her feats. “I’m a fitness model that kicks ass,” she declared. As per reports, she works out six times weekly, for 1.5 hours per session along with four high-protein meals regularly. The Russian revealed that she also posts “arm wrestling videos” which her fans like. 


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She came to be known as Kendall Jenner’s shredded doppelganger and uses her potential to chart her road to stardom. She flaunted, “I hit the sweet spot with a mix of my face and my body.” Moreover, her work at the platform also adds to her monetary benefits, increasing her possibility of a good lifestyle. 

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