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Despite Once Spending 7 Hours at Mecca of Bodybuilding, Jay Cutler Admits to Favoring Another Power-Packed Gym for His Olympia-Winning Physique

Published 05/27/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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Bodybuilding beast, Jay Cutler was in awe after he stepped into the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. The place where most legends trained, and several champions, emerged. Thus, the special atmosphere within the gym held Culter for 7 hours on his first day. However, a video posted by the athlete on TikTok tells a different story about his favorite gym worldwide. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

As a part of a Q&A session, Cutler took in random questions from his fans, one of which enquired about the best gym he’s trained at all over the world. With some reluctance, the athlete ultimately made a choice while expressing his affection for the others.

Jay Cutler’s #1 gym worldwide 


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The video that surfaced on the platform 5 days ago featured the 49-year-old athlete pondering over the question for an accurate answer, per the source. While there wasn’t a clear winner, he revealed that the Oxygen gym was the most “impressive” one for him. 

He also wished to give credit to Steve Weinberger’s Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym. In addition to that, Cutler ensured to give recognition of the renowned Gold’s Gym and its distinctive features. “I would say…the most impressive I would definitely say is Oxygen gym, when I went over to Bader’s gym but I would say I love the mecca of bodybuilding but I have to give credit to Steve Weinberger’s Bev Francis powerhouse gym,” the pro spoke. 


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The 5’9 athlete further appreciated the Powerhouse gym because of their affinity towards old-school stuff, which he really liked. Moreover, this aspect was also the “most disappointing thing” about the Mecca of bodybuilding, as per him. What really was Cutler’s point of concern with the old gym equipment? 

Jay Cutler is fond of training with old-school machines


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The American star athlete detailed his reasoning for the Gold’s gym as “They take out alot of the good pieces. They’ve taken out a lot but they always seem to be the first ones to have the newest stuff back in the day. But I miss a lot of the pieces you know, even the leg press, I think they changed the leg press.” 

Hence, he finally listed his best gym as Oxygen Gym when he was in Kuwait, given the biggest space followed by Steve Weinberger’s. Yet, Cutler couldn’t seem to move past his affection for the Gold’s gym. He once again expressed his love for the place and mindfully pointed out that its aura and atmosphere were and remain unmatched by other gyms. “You never know who you gonna see,” he concluded. 


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The Quad Stomp poser undoubtedly cultures a significant amount of expertise when discussing gyms. The mind-blowing physique earned him four Mr. Olympia titles. A lot of hard work was required for him to achieve this, and it would not have been possible if he had not come across the establishments he mentioned.

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