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“Don’t Be a Cbum”: Despite Both Winning Mr. Olympia Coach Hany Rambod Warns Derek Lunsford Not to Train Like Chris Bumstead

Published 11/20/2023, 10:53 PM EST

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Derek Lunsford is the only bodybuilder who has clinched Olympia titles in two different divisions. With victory in 2023 Mr. Olympia and 212 Mr. Olympia in 2021, he has become a legend without a close second, at least for now.

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Post his victory in Olympia 2023, the bodybuilding legend has always gained more attention from fans and followers. Recently, he appeared in an interview with a bodybuilding coach, Hany Rambod. The duo had a fun-driven conversation and during the Q&A session, the coach suggested Derek not train like Chris Bumstead. Instead, he should be able to find contentment with 500lbs lifting.

Derek Lunsford in an interview with Hany Rambod 


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Recently, two bodybuilding icons whose contribution to the fitness world is praiseworthy were seen together. They both had a Q&A session during which, they talked about lifting, dumbbells, barbells, and all related kinds of stuff. Lunsford shed light on his training routine; he also talked about how he did lifting and how much weight he liked to train his body. While sharing his workout routine, the 2023 Olympia winner said, I usually do the barbell most of the time but dumbbells you can kind of play around with ”. On hearing this, the bodybuilding coach, Hany Rambod suggested to him, “Don’t be a CBum and do it with 500 lbs.

Here, Ranbod has cheerfully suggested Lunsford not to imitate Chris Bumstead, who has a history of lifting 800 pounds of dumbbells. Instead of following Bustead’s rigorous training method, he should set the target of lifting 500 lbs. Responding to the coach’s suggestion, Lunsford said amusingly, I was doing five plates straight like deadlifts and you called me you said not necessary no tone it back here no no so but not like the straight leg deadlifts are super super effective.” 


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Though he is quite disciplined in training and workouts, he seems to choose a different path and has his priorities set for the next few weeks. The soon-to-be-father, Derek Lunsford shared his plans for the next year.

Derek Lunsford’s Next Year Plan

Recently, a fan asked him about whether he would compete in the Arnold Classic in 2024 or not. He could not compete in 2023 as he had been more focused on Olympia 2023. In the last, his hard work paid off. Responding to his fan’s questions, he said, “Well, right now, I’m focused on my baby girl that’s coming”. 


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Adding further, he said, “So, for the next few weeks, my wife gets my attention. I’m still going to be training, doing the cardio, and sticking to the bodybuilding lifestyle, because that’s me, that’s how I live. I am bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is me.”  “So, as far as competing and scheduling out events, I’m not going to do that until I know my baby girl is here and I get to spend some time with my family,” the reigning champion. How do you see his next year plan?

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