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Eating a Burger Brings Unfathomable Joy to ‘Epitome of Human Physique’ Chris Bumstead: “Been Waiting Years for This Moment”

Published 11/10/2023, 10:46 PM EST

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Chris Bumstead clinched his fifth Mr. Olympia title at the 2023 Mr. Olympia in Orlando. However, the journey leading to the success, was a rough path, with CBum tearing his lats ten weeks out from the show. But the 5x Mr. Olympia persevered through the hard times to add to his champion mentality. Now that he won the Classic Physique title, it is time to celebrate with some cheat meal.

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Bodybuilding demands extreme discipline when it comes to diet rituals. The Classic Physique legend has lived a life of bodybuilder for years now. However, after his fifth Olympia win, CBum wants to satiate his palate for once. 

CBum finds solace in Burger made by fiancé


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Many believe the bodybuilding diet to be boring as the rice-chicken-broccoli routine becomes bland for taste buds after some time. But Mr. Olympia’s competitors do it anyway. The grueling training and diet regime helped CBum continue his winning streak at the Mr. Olympia stage.


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But it is now time for CBum to indulge in some of his favorite food as Mr. Olympia 2023 finally rewarded him for his efforts. The latest carousel on CBum’s Instagram grid has his fiancé serve him a Burger. Sharing the pictures of him savoring Burger, CBum captioned his latest post, “When you finally get to eat your burger, and it’s cold and hard, but you don’t care because you’ve been waiting years for this moment.” 


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The recent indulgence of CBum in his favorite food comes after eating six meals daily to maintain his ‘Epitome of Human Physique’ avatar. “I was eating five meals for a while, and Hany wanted me to up it up to six. So, I was eating 220 grams of meat every single meal for five meals, and then I cut it down to 180 grams of meat,” Bumstead disclosed in one of his training prep videos this year. Now that the event ended with a blast for CBum, he will stay away from the sport for the next few months.

Chris Bumstead’s post-Olympia drill


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The rigorous training at the gym leading up to the Mr. Olympia event leaves bodybuilders strained mentally and physically. However, CBum ensures to reset his body and mind by focusing on the comforting aspects. The first thing he would do is to take a break from bodybuilding.

I just enjoy it with my family. I think spending time with my family, not talking about bodybuilding and competing all the time, just separating from it really helps me reset my life,” the champion revealed to his coach, Hany Rambod. So, after Christmas, the 28-year-old travels to the Swiss Alps in January to snowboard and enjoy life.


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Chris Bumstead’s recent win came after he almost quit the bodybuilding arena. As fans celebrate their icon’s victory for one more year, CBum is now focused on making moments with friends, fiancé, and family. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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