Bodybuilding requires immense dedication to develop a title-winning physique. Despite rigorous gym training and a strict diet followed by many, only a few names make it to the top. 28-year-old Chris Bumstead, the 4x Classic Physique Mr. Olympia winner, is now fighting head on to claim his fifth title.

Recently, Bumstead posted an elaborative post on how he would quit the Mr. Olympia stage in the future, but the time has not yet arrived. Now, IFBB pro coach Greg Doucette adds more perspective to CBum’s story.

Greg Doucette inputs about Chris Bumstead’s retirement plan


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Chris Bumstead has overcome a bicep injury and other health issues to compete in the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique event. He trained hard at the gym to flaunt a physique that was reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1970s ripped body. But pushing for his fifth title has been hard on the bodybuilding champion. 

Speaking about Iain Valliere, Greg Doucette, in his recent YouTube video, mentioned that bodybuilders make their bodies subject to hard training routines and PED abuse to keep marveling at the spotlight with monster biceps, thighs, and lats. While relating that his close friend has retired, Doucette predicted that CBum is also nearing his retirement.

Chris Bumstead has an autoimmune disease, which makes it even harder for him to compete and take the things he needs to take in order to win the title,” he said in his YouTube video.

And so he has already won 4 Mr. Olympia titles. Does it really matter if he gets another one or another one after that? He is already going to be remembered as the greatest Classic Physique competitor of all time!

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His motivation to continue to compete—the diet, to take the PEDs that he has to take, it has to be diminishing. What is the point! After all, the more times he competes, the more it endangers his health.” Apparently, CBum’s earlier posts about sustaining his competition-ready physique have come with a cost. His X posts lament the reality behind his preparations for the 2023 Mr. Olympia stage.

CBum’s post about his retirement


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Chris Bumstead pushed extremities to win a place in the bodybuilding. However, now, the dark side looms large. CBum has been transparent about his highs and lows during his career, and despite the struggles, Bumstead puts a brave face on to whatever comes his way. Calling this year’s prep “the most challenging beginnings of prep,” the 28-year-old made a heartbreaking confession as he let out a keening post on IG that hinted at CBum considering retirement.

But he is not retiring from the stage for this year yet. However, he kept his retirement decision open by stating, “Sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck in the things making us miserable because they’re comfortably familiar, or maybe we’ve attached our identity to it.” Such is the time when quitting becomes a courageous task, he added.


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Resting all the rumors, he ensured his fans would see his bodybuilding magic on stage this year. And like he said, “This has been one of the most challenging beginnings of prep I’ve gone through. But it’s far from the first time I’ve been tested.”

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