Fans Advise Hafþór Björnsson to Take It Easy on Training After Coming Out of a Surgery as His Wife Calls Him Strongest Mother******

Published 05/28/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Strongman and bodybuilding champion, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is best known for playing a titular role in Game of Thrones. On 31st January 2015, he beat a 1000-year-old record made by Orm Storolfsson at the World’s Strongest Viking Competition in Norway. Hafþór carried a 33 ft long 1,430lbs log for five steps. This proves his strength and mettle already.

Winning the strongest man in the world is not a joke and needs a lot of dedication and perseverance for the bodybuilder. Hafþór has achieved his goal in the area of being the World’s Strongest Man but he could not fight the health issues that every individual has, no matter how fit they are. The 2018 World’s Strongest Man winner announced his retirement recently. Unfortunately, he tore his left pectoral muscle while attempting a bench press of 556 lbs. He needed surgery and was recovering. Recently, the man got back up and uploaded a surprising video on Instagram that surprised his fans.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson missed the feeling of moving weights


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The Thor is pretty famous on social media given his appearance on Game of Thrones. He has 4.2 M fans who saw his new Instagram reel video. The actor and bodybuilder captioned the post “Missed the feeling of moving these weights but I’m feeling relaxed and happy to take on the challenge ahead.”

The reel video shows him exercising in the gym and pulling up those heavyweights. He further said, “I’m weeks post-surgery and every day is better. 2 more weeks and I can get rid of the sling.” Before he went for the surgery, the beast had posted a picture with his surgeon, Dr. Steve Mora, to assure his fans. The fans commented after watching his new reel and the most special comment was from his wife.

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The Mountain, further wrote for his fans “optimistic about the outcome.” He also posted some pictures from the hospital bed and post-surgery to tell his fans that it was successful.

Fans react happily at his return, and his wife gives a special shout-out


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All his fans were happy about his return and left best wishes for him and welcomed him back. His wife, Kelsey Henson, gave the most special shout-out, and she said Strong Mo******

One fan wrote, “Way to be. Patience, follow the plan.” While another fan said, “Well, I wanna say be careful and take it easy, but telling a world record holder what to do doesn’t really make much sense.”.

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An excited fan exclaimed, “Keep it up Thor and stay safe while training!”. One fan was caring and said, “Take it easy now brother”.

All in all, everyone was relieved and happy about his return. What do you think of his speedy recovery and strength? Comment down below!


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