Fans Lambast Fitness Influencer Over Resurfaced Animal Abuse Video

Published 03/30/2024, 12:36 AM EDT

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While one might think that their old posts on the internet really don’t matter, sometimes it is those that come back to haunt us. Now, a similar incident has occurred with YoungLA-sponsored bodybuilder, Daddy Aioli, with an earlier video of his taking over the internet.

A video from 2022 when the fitness influencer abused his cat, has now gone viral. After it caught the eye of the bodybuilding great Lee Priest, this whole situation escalated. While Priest pressured YoungLA to take action, even fans of Aioli bashed him for what he did. Let’s delve deeper into what Priest had to say about the video.

Lee Priest criticizes the bodybuilder’s actions


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In the resurfaced video, the bodybuilding enthusiast was seen grabbing his cat by its neck and throwing it to the side. While doing this he even punched and kicked the animal while recording everything. Through their recent post, the official Instagram page of Generation Iron Fitness Network confirmed that YoungLA has suspended Aioli.

Earlier, after coming across the fact that YoungLA was investigating the issue, Lee Priest had much to say. Priest wrote, “Let’s give @youngla credit for looking into this. Not much to investigate he abused a cat even if a year ago he filmed it. God knows what else he done without filming.”


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He further added that guys like these were no role models for our young generation, and he should know the consequences of abusing animals. Priest himself has six cats and two dogs and is very considerate when it comes to pets. “I’ve never abused an animal. I’ve sold off my trophies giving all $ to shelter animals etc. so this behavior is beyond disgusting,” he wrote. 

Fans and bodybuilding enthusiasts across the globe criticized the YoungLA athlete’s behavior and bashed him in the comments section of the Generation Iron post. 

Fans supported the right decision 


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Kai Greene, a renowned bodybuilder, commented with a cat gif on the post, showcasing his support for the animal. While another fan had some more detail to add and wrote, “Not just YoungLA. Other sponsors have dropped him.” Another warned the fitness influencer and commented, “Sometimes, internet does NOT forget.” A follower highlighted how difficult it is to get sponsored by such a brand, and how the influencer had lost an opportunity because of his actions, commenting, “So many people would kill for such opportunities, and then you have folks like this disqualifying themselves. SMH.”

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One of the followers advised Aioli to not mess with cats and wrote, “Remember the first internet rule “Don’t F*ck with the cats”.” An Instagram user thanked Priest for his help in the matter and commented, “Great job @leepriestofficial72 for staying on this and keeping the pressure on these sponsors to drop this sc*mbag!” A follower simply indicated the never-forgetting nature of the Internet and said, “The internet is forever.


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As Aioli faces the consequences of his terrible, albeit past actions, the resurfaced video is a reminder of the immortality of the internet. What are your views on this whole scenario? Let us know in the comments.

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