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“Very Scared and Intimidated”: 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Makes Startling Revelation About Initial Bodybuilding Days

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath sat down with former coach Hany Rambod and the pair discussed his bodybuilding pro debut.

Sagnik Bagchi

1 day ago

Phil Heath

“I’m Not Tired Seeing You on Stage”: 54-YO Bodybuilding Legend’s Intense Training Despite Old Age Impresses Fans

The online fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts in sheer astonishment after witnessing the gruelling drill of a former Mr. Olympia.

“It’s Your Life”: Mike O’Hearn Reveals Importance of Training Partner During Severe Dieting

Mike O'Hearn, days before the guest posing shares the importance of having a partner that pushes you when you are on a heavy-duty diet.

Bodybuilding:Mike O’Hearn

Arnold Classic 2024: Milos Sarcev vs. Hany Rambod, Who Will Prove to Be the Better Coach?

Arnold Classic: Sports community abuzz, competition not only among athletes but coaches can Milos Sarcev retain trophy or will Rambod emerge?

Hadi Choopan & Samson Dauda

“Did Nothing Wrong”: CEO of Gym Positivity Backs Up Netizen Being Falsely Accused by Woman for Recording Her in Gym

Discover how Joey Swoll defends against online bullying and false accusations, advocating for respect and kindness online.

Karan Yadav

2 days ago

Joey Swoll

Who Won the Arnold Strongman Event in 2023? Predictions for 2024

Bodybuilder who won the Arnold Strongman event last year and the prediction list of winners for the upcoming Arnold Strongman 2024.

Arnold Strongman Classic

Arnold Schwarzenegger Raves About Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev as he says “Our Politicians Don’t Have Any Courage”

Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about the role of the governance and the president and how the latest leaders were not like the past.

Terminator Dark Fate – Press Conference & Red Carpet Event in Seoul

Fitness Sensation Mike Thurston Spills the Beans on His Workout Split to Get Insanely Ripped

The bodybuilding enthusiast and fitness influencer Mike Thurston imparted his wisdom of training to get the super-jacked physique.

Mike Thurston

Is Samson Dauda Peaking at the Wrong Time?

Arnold Classic defending champion Samson Dauda is looking to become a two-time champion, but is he rushing it?

Sagnik Bagchi

2 days ago

Samson Dauda

“Huge Giant Python Wrapped Around Me”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls a Terrifying Episode With the Scariest Animal

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently described how a python became his friend after being wrapped around his neck in a talk show.

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Out of all the competitions in the world, bodybuilding stays apart as a unique one. Athletes train for years to perfect their bodies and develop muscular mass. Likewise, athletes who train for competitions are understood as bodybuilders. In professional competitions like the Mr. Olympia event, bodybuilders stand on the stage, posing for various parts of their bodies. Judges rank them based on their symmetry, muscularity, size, conditioning, posing, and stage presentation. There are various competitions in bodybuilding but the Mr. Olympia contest stands apart from the rest.

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History of bodybuilding

Old Greeks became the inspiration for people to start bodybuilding. After that, modern competitions came up from various theatrical acts and other circus acts. They held the first contest in 1903 in New York. The winner of the competition was Al Treloar and dubbed "The Most Perfectly Developed Man in the World." Significantly, organizers saw potential in that and the start of the Mr. America contest showcased some of the best talents. The rise of various bodybuilders across the globe saw the Mr. Universe event come into place and it became the main event for over 25 years. But, the late 1970s saw Joe Weider come up with a grand plan and create the Mr. Olympia contest.

Mr. Olympia contest

The contest that captured the minds of fans was the Mr. Olympia contest under the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness. Weider helps these bodybuilders to earn money by competing in events. They held the first competition on September 18, 1965, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City. Larry Scott won the first two titles. Moreover, the bodybuilders with the highest number of titles are Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. In the meantime, to make their entry into the market, the famous documentary, Pumping Iron, saw the buildup to the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest. It helped athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Franco Columbu.

Famous bodybuilders

There are several bodybuilders to grace the grand stage. But some bodybuilders achieved greatness with their astonishing bodies.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger:?

The Austrian bodybuilder is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. The Austrian Oak is a seven-time bodybuilding champion and became an influential personality in the business. He then transitioned himself to various acting roles, became an investor, and was elected as the Governor of California. Some of his movies like Terminator 2, Commando, Twins, and Conan the Barbarian are some of his classics.

  • Ronnie Coleman:

Dubbed to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Ronnie Coleman put his life and soul into the sport. He is an eight-time Mr. Olympia winner and became the most dominant bodybuilder in the business. Netflix released a documentary featuring his life in the bodybuilding industry. His size and conditioning stood apart from everyone else. A true champion who wore his heart on his sleeve.

  • Lee Haney:

Like Coleman, Lee Haney became an eight-time Mr. Olympia champion. He dedicated his body to the sport and was one of the most exciting bodybuilders on stage. Haney had a humongous waist size of 32.5 inches. Therefore, Haney deserves a special mention for his performances.