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Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking, Bodybuilder Challenges the Verdict by Calling It ‘Not Fair’

Published 09/25/2023, 2:55 PM EDT

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In bodybuilding, more often than not, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are called out for using Performance-Enhancing Drugs. Most often, bodybuilders are accused of PED use because of their sculpted bodies, which are sometimes too good to be true. However, in the very same light, several bodybuilders have been coming forward and confessing to their wrong choices. However, where does the buck stop when a bodybuilder does not just use PEDs but is accused of drug trafficking? Let us look at this scenario closely.

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Luke McNally is an ex-bodybuilder. He was the CEO of the nearly $40 million worth supplement company, Mass Nutrition before his career started tumbling because of drugs. As he calls out the judgment passed on to him as unfair, the public cannot decide whether to side with him or not.

Luke McNally: A career that went downhill because of drugs


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Luke McNally, who was once Mr. Australia, was arrested in December 2019, After getting bail, McNally proceeded to try to improve his condition by joining a rehab center located inside the former brothel, The Daily Planet. However, things did not move forward as planned. Allegedly, McNally managed to successfully build a meth lab within the rehab center he was in, thus complicating his position.

In a recent article by Perth Now, Luke McNally is brought up again. Allegedly charged with drug trafficking, the accused cried in his letter about how unfair the entire proceeding was towards him. He wrote in the seemingly arrogant letter, “Not Fair.


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As numerous theories surface about McNally’s fall from grace, his past might come as a surprise to many.


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Luke McNally was once a hotshot entrepreneur

Once known as the Gold Coast’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, McNally’s firm, Mass Nutrition had around 45 stores spread across Australia and New Zealand. However, after he got arrested for alleged drug trafficking, his entire life turned upside down. Reportedly, he lived with his parents for some time before getting taken back into court proceedings.


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The bodybuilding world has many ambitious participants. The ones that reach their goals often attain heights of immortality among their fans, but at the same time, many get heavily criticized by the community because of the way their careers turned out. Do you think bodybuilders should take PEDs? Do you really believe that the PED’s effects help in the long run? Let us know in the comments.

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