441lbs Retired Strongman Giant Gobbles Up Raising Cane’s Entire Menu in 30 Minutes

Published 12/27/2023, 9:21 AM EST

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Four-time world’s strongest man champion Brian Shaw is one of the sport’s pioneers. Some even say that Shaw is the strongest man who ever lived, and at 441 lbs, this might not be so far from the truth. To be the strongest man in the world, he needs proper nutrients and food, and Brian does not compromise on his food intake, whether it is healthy or sometimes a little bit greasy.

And he sure can have a lot of food. In fact, he recently made a video with Joel Dirks where both of them go to Raising Cane and decide to eat the whole menu in 30 minutes!

Brian Shaw does the impossible


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Brian Shaw and his friend decided to eat the whole menu of Raising Cane in 30 minutes, and they looked pretty confident in the introductory part of the video. The strongman started the video by saying, “We are at Raising Cane and today we are taking on the entire menu.” He asked his friend Dirks whether he was ready for the challenge.

Then they went inside and started to order. He said, “Two of the box combos and then two of the Caniac combos two of the three finger combos two of the sandwich combos, and then two of the kids combos.” After ordering the whole meal, which looked scrumptious, the duo sat outside. Shaw said, “So, 30 minutes on the clock, I’ve got the timer right here we’re gonna rock and roll do you think you will finish this?” Dirks was confident he would finish it.


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They started the timer and started devouring the burgers. Dirk even had a strategy to start with chicken fingers, fries, and then bread. So they ate the whole meal in that order.

Unfortunately, even the strongman cannot finish a whole menu from Raising Cane in 30 minutes. The only foods left were a couple of fries and hot dogs. Even then, the feat that they achieved is not possible for even some veteran bodybuilders. And this is not the first time that he has stunned the fans with his eating habits. 

Bryan Shaw eats a surprising 10,432 calories


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Shaw once uploaded a video on his YouTube channel named “Full Day of Eating to be the Strongest Man on Earth with 10,432 calories.” He had started the video by describing that he was going to eat a full day of calories leading up to the Shaw Classic, which would be his finer strongman competition.

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The high-calorie diet included pancakes, six eggs, and milk for breakfast. Then he moved on to his snacks, which were protein shakes, frozen fruits, and cookies. He ate a pound of bison meat and pasta for the third meal. As for the fourth meal, he ate meat with steamed rice. The fifth meal consisted of meatballs, bison meat, pasta, and Coca-Cola. Finally, he ate a dessert made of a chocolate protein shake, and this is how he consumed all those calories.


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So it’s true that the strongest man can not only lift heavy weights but also eat like Hulk!

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