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“Had Tumors of Tennis Ball Size”: 25 Years After His Tragic Death, Bodybuilding World Recounts Legacy and Mistakes of the Only Bodybuilder Who Ever Attained 0% Body Fat

Published 05/28/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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The bodybuilding domain has been graced with unique athletes from all over the world. Some went on to be legends, while a few of them gave their all. However, it is deeply saddening for the community when an athlete of superior skill is lost. This compels us to think of the great potential the Austrian bodybuilder, Andreas Munzer held before passing away in 1996.

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An athlete of mighty conditioning, and a 0% body fat composition, Munzer was actively paving his path to greatness. However, days after competing at an event and attaining a top 10 position, he passed away due to a grave health condition. Now, two decades after his demise, a recent post on Instagram, left the bodybuilding world in awe of his exceptional physique. 

Andreas Munzer: The late bodybuilding icon


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As per the post shared by Golden Days, a page dedicated to the Golden Era of bodybuilding, a video of the late athlete posing impressively onstage was presented. His conspicuous muscle striations and freakishly thin skin were a point of intrigue among the fans. Hailing all the way from Austria, Munzer was nothing short of a legend in the making. 

Moreover, he maintained his peak physique the whole year round, and claimed he never gained more than 15 pounds of his contest weight, per reports.  This was because he didn’t want to suffer when downsizing. Unfortunately, his untimely death at the mere age of 31 left the sphere shaken. His cause of death was reported as dystrophic multiple organ failure as a result of years of alleged anabolic steroid abuse. 


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Only eight days ahead of his death, Munzer had attained seventh place at the 1997 San Jose Pro. Besides that, he also competed at the Arnold Classics that year and won the sixth position. However, months ahead, he had complained of severe abdominal pain, and yet, had managed to compete impressively at the events. An example of astounding spirit. Remembering his hearty efforts, the post’s caption hailed him as a “Champion & Gentleman” with a pure and good heart. The fans comments on the matter were similar. 

Bodybuilding fans recollect memories of Andreas Munzer


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In less than 19 hours, the post amassed 52.6k views and 4.3k likes. Acknowledging his grand conditioning, one fan wrote, “Striations everywhere. I don’t think he got far from contest condition all year.” Whereas another pointed out the severe health condition he was suffering from. “He had tumors of tennis ball size it’s hard to see his impressive physique and ignore what really happened with him, the comment read. 

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Another fan recalling his body fat percentage, stated, “Bro was shredded af!!! Not ounce of body fat.” Calling attention to his alleged intense reliance on bodybuilding drugs, a comment revealed, “The one who started to play way too much with diuretics. It s all about time when the body stops to work with overtreatment… So sad but seems he moved always on the edge of life or death….”


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The late star, unfortunately, couldn’t live up to his full potential. Although remarkably, in the few years he competed, Munzer sure left an eternal mark in the sphere. Fans reminiscing about his finesse even today is proof. 



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