“I Still Have Weakness and Atrophy”: After an Injury Ended His Career, 60-YO Veteran Bodybuilder Reveals the Horrors of Living With It Despite Surgery

Published 09/23/2023, 11:45 AM EDT

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Bodybuilding is definitely not a sport for the faint-hearted. The life of a professional bodybuilder is not a bed of roses as they face a ton of challenges including troubles maintaining personal relationships, maintaining good health, as well as the mental troubles that one often goes through due to the hormonal imbalance which is pretty common in the sport. Making things worse is the factor of injuries that makes the sport all the more dangerous and horrific. 

Despite retiring from the sport decades ago, many bodybuilders still face the wrath of the injuries that they went through during their prime years. One of the most famous ones is Ronnie Coleman, who is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Another bodybuilder who got in serious trouble due to an injury is Rich Gaspari. Despite retiring from the sport almost three decades ago, Gaspari continues to deal with issues related to the lumbar disk. However, thanks to advancements in medical science, he has progressed better towards recovery owing to new-age machines that help in relieving pain.

Rich Gaspari reveals his troubles after a replaced artificial disk


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Ever since he retired from the sport, Gaspari has been focusing on his business ventures, including his supplement line ‘Gaspari Nutrition.’ However, the injuries he sustained during his bodybuilding years still continue to haunt him. As a solution for this, back in 2022, Gaspari underwent a disk replacement surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery led to atrophy in his right arm and chest muscles. 



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“I met Dr. Paluk at the @retrofitnessbayville Reps for responders event and Dr. Paluk offered to help me with tbe issues I was still dealing with,” Gaspari revealed in his recent Instagram post. Luckily, the treatment provided by Dr. Paluk proved to be a ray of hope for Gaspari. 

Gaspari provides his fans with a health update

Continuing further, Gaspari wrote, “Dr. Paluk offered to use his medical devise, the Stemwave which works by using shock wave therapy to stimulate the nerve down my arm to get the muscles firing again.” Shock wave therapy is proven to stimulate the body’s natural healing process relieving pain and helps in enhancing the recovery of injured tissues, muscles, tendons, etc.


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Giving insights into his progress, Gaspari admits that he has already seen a lot of improvements. He further stated, “I’ll let you know my progress throughout my therapy and I’m excited to get back the capability to flex my right side and train normally again without pain.”

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What are your views on Gaspari’s newly discovered relief after using shock wave therapy? Have you ever tried it yourself? Let us know in the comments.



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