American rapper, Megan Pete aka Megan Thee Stallion has been taking the music industry by storm, with her iconic beats and lyrics. Moreover, now the artist has got the fitness world talking about her fitness regimen after she stunned her fans with her new fit look. A recent interview with People spotlighted her brand new chiseled frame, days after her comeback to social media. 

Speaking of her transformation, the singer revealed the details of how she achieved it. She claimed to be disciplined and mindful of her regular activities which got her the ultimate results. Moreover, her increased focus on health and fitness also added value to her now aesthetic frame. 

Megan Thee Stallion prioritizes health and wellness 


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According to the source, the 28-year-old star has learned to keep health and fitness at the top of her priority list nowadays. Besides, Stallion is soon to perform at the grand ESSENCE Festival of Culture in New Orleans later this month. Therefore, her new sculpted look would be a treat for the fans as well. However, the singer’s intention was to lead a more present and mindful life. 

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“Fitness has become a part of my lifestyle. I’ve been disciplined and committed to working out on a regular basis and investing in my health,” the Grammy-winning artist disclosed in a chat with People. Stallion returned to social media only in March, with her fit appearance which was instantly noted by her 30.9 million followers. 

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She even hinted at giving out her workout regime to her fans while emphasizing that her days are filled with mindful activities that simply make her happy. Other than that, the icon also isn’t looking to roll out any new music right now. 

Megan Thee Stallion’s current life plans


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Shedding light on her self-care days, Stallion let out that besides working out, she spends most of her time “journaling, praying, spending time with my dogs, working out, binging my favorite shows and just doing activities that make me happy.”

However, the singer does not plan to take a break from performing as it is one of those things that makes her feel good. She is super excited about her performance at the ESSENCE festival and is also keen on contributing to the bigger message of women’s empowerment through her performances. 


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