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“I’m Warning You”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Useful Disclaimer as Holiday Season Kick Starts

Published 11/19/2023, 1:15 AM EST

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When the world faced a dilemma to choose from the multitude of fitness fads that dominated the internet, Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Messiah for fitness enthusiasts. The 76-year-old started a fitness newsletter, Arnold Pump Club, that now dominates the fitness sphere, bringing authentic information to live a healthy lifestyle.

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As the holiday season is nearing fitness enthusiasts ponder upon ways to control savoring various delicacies, and no one can understand their concerns better than Arnie. So, he has some simple advice for his fitness village to not worry about weight gain while enjoying the festival feasts. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s insightful advice for guilt-free Holiday season


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The partying season has already begun in America with a spooky Halloween season. The next couple of months will bring more joy to families as the country will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve without a break. And the biggest part of celebrations would be platters of favorite dishes. But often the joy of palate comes with the guilt of weight gain. 

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The latest Arnold Pump Club edition suggests people gain “closer to 2 to 3 pounds” during the last two of the year. But Schwarzenegger has a way to not compromise the feasting fun without increasing the pounds. “The science of mindful eating shows that slowing down and being more present could make a big difference in your happiness and enjoyment and help put you in control during the holidays,” declares Governator in the newsletter. However, the Austrian Oak knows that it isn’t an easy task.


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But I’m warning you: while it sounds easy, most people find slowing down incredibly hard,” the Terminator icon notes. So, the legendary bodybuilder suggests giving more attention while having a meal to minimize weight gain. If the mind still fears calorie consumption, Arnie’s dessert-based diet might bring some respite to fitness lovers.

The Austrian Oak proposes a donut-based diet for weight loss

Very few can maintain a perfectly disciplined meal plan despite having a sweet tooth. But Arnie’s newsletter is about bringing sustainability to life without limiting the joy. So, one of the editions speaks about how a high-carb dessert breakfast helped people in weight loss when compared to a low-calorie first meal.


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Though the finding can startle Weight Watchers, Arnie assured, “The researchers felt the dessert helped reduce cravings and built a more sustainable habit.” Schwarzenegger also shared his favorite dessert recipe with his village to promote a healthy and fun-filled life.

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So, this Thanksgiving, Arnold’s Pump Club tribe has every reason to indulge in their favorite recipes and be grateful to the 76-year-old for his wise advice to not compromise on enjoying the sweetness of life.


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