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“It Cost Me a Fortune”: $450 Million Rich Arnold Schwarzenegger Took Drastic Measures After Kids Felt Estranged Due to His Demanding Job

Published 11/18/2023, 5:00 AM EST

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is sharing the nectar of his wisdom earned from his years of success and opportunities. Arnold Pump Club is a platform for Schwarzenegger’s advice and thoughts about fitness and life. Recently, a wise village member asked Arnie to give him an answer on how to balance multiple roles in life.

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The 76-year-old, an embodiment of empathy, shared his real-life experience of how he pulled off his daddy duties caring for his four kids during his two-term tenure as California’s Governor.

The Austrian Oak paid the price to be around kids


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Arnie shared a complex relationship with his father, Gustav Schwarzenegger. The Austrian Oak feared his father to the core and often attributes his childhood trauma to his father’s strict behavior. However, when the Terminator icon became a parent, he was sure he would be a hands-on dad. Arnie’s children love him dearly because of his efforts in their upbringing.

During his actor’s stint, the 76-year-old spent quality time with his children by bringing them to film sets. However, the kids didn’t enjoy being around in their father’s office when Schwarzenegger was serving as California’s governor, and Arnie’s busy schedule holding the elite position didn’t help either. So, the children started feeling estranged from their father. They complained about him “missing the recitals and football practices.”


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When village member Alec asked Arnie, “How did you–especially as Governor– manage to complete all tasks in front of you, with tight deadlines looking?Schwarzenegger revealed an extreme step he took to be more involved in his kids’ lives.

I committed that instead of flying up to Sacramento on Monday and coming home on Thursday, I would fly up every morning and back every night unless there was a major crisis,” the Governator confessed. “It cost me a fortune but it was worth it,” the $450 million worth actor noted. It is proof enough of how good Arnie is as a dad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Father

Despite a failed marriage, Schwarzenegger can compete for the top position as a father. The FUBAR actor’s daddy duties included changing diapers, driving the kids to school, and giving his son a haircut. For his love child Joseph Baena, Arnie is a bodybuilding mentor who helped him transform his physique. 


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But Schwarzenegger followed in his father’s footsteps in certain aspects of parenting. The 7x Mr. Olympia would ensure to keep his children disciplined. They have to wash their clothes, clean their rooms, and turn off lights while leaving the room

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is now enjoying the bliss of being grandpa to two adorable girls of his firstborn, Katherine Schwarzenegger. But Arnie continues to care for his kids as if they are in their childhood. Don’t you find Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love for his children adorable? Let us know in the comments below.


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