Joining Many Bodybuilders, 7X Mr. Olympia Discovers Some Hidden Benefits of a New Routine: “I Feel Healthy”

Published 10/04/2023, 8:00 AM EDT

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In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, individuals pay all their attention to exercising and their diet. Right as they are, many of them, however, are often reluctant to try out new methods and processes within the same spectrum. However, with the introduction of popular fitness trends on the internet, more and more people are opening up to try out their luck elsewhere. Which popular trend do you think the 7X Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath hopped on to?

Heath’s extremely confident way of life is known to the fitness world. He always expresses his views and philosophy of both his career and life pretty straightforwardly. After winning the title of Mr. Olympia seven times, the bodybuilding legend has also proved his sense of judgment and the right choices that have led him to the top of his niche.

Phil Heath’s new exercising method


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In his latest Instagram story, Heath has shared a video of him tight after a workout session. In the story, he begins by addressing his audience and reminding them that another day has sprung out. Then he tilts his phone in order to take in his frame the place he just came out of. After revealing it, he said, “Happen to get my a** beat”. Additionally, he also remarked, “3 if not 4 days a week”.


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Heath is trying out Pilates lately, and according to him, it is serving him well, in fact, better than he thought. He thus pronounces, “I am still in the gym, but I doing this twice a day. Doing Pilates”. Moreover, he emphasizes how several other bodybuilders are getting into this Neuro-Muscular activation, which really helps in strengthening muscles.

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The bodybuilding beast who has stunned prestigious stages before has had his own insecurity that he had recently revealed to the world, as well as getting rid of it.


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Phil Heath’s Body dysmorphia

For 20 years of his life, Heath had been undergoing body dysmorphia. Recently, he had confessed about his chipped tooth. In his Instagram post, he reveals the dream smile he had been wanting for a while. Thus, after giving a shout-out to his cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Harris, and shared the funny story of chipping his teeth. He revealed that before his 2016 Mr. Olympia; he had chipped his teeth after he bit into his fork.


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Bodybuilding is a sport to sculpt one’s physique in such a way that everyone should stay stunned upon discovering it. However, the intense training and the pressure one’s body undertakes in the process are truly commendable. With new trends coming into the fitness field, bodybuilders get more options to try to choose their best-suited method. Do you think Pilates is getting more popular for a reason? Can you share your own opinion on it?

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