Ashton Hall is a fitness influencer and a bodybuilding coach, who is an inspiration to millions of fans. He had started his sports journey with NFL but later became a fitness coach during the quarantine and pandemic. He surged into the limelight through social media and his educational YouTube videos. Ashton Hall uploads snippets of tips and tricks while working out for better results, and recently he shared another video for an arm workout.

The video was jaw-dropping for the fans when they saw his workout. Let’s see why the video was a rage among his fans.

Ashton Hall shows off massive muscular arms in the latest video


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Ashton Hall uploaded an Instagram video where he teaches how to increase the strength of the muscles of the arms. This video was shared by the ‘GymWorkouts’ page. The first video shows a forearm workout that looks quite effective and painful.


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The second video also shows a full arm workout where Ashton Hall instructs a hold of it upright at a 90° angle for 10 seconds. The fifth slide shows a bench press weightlifting method where he brings the weight near his head and then lifts it again.

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The sixth video is a good old bicep workout routine, and his arms look massive in that. The last video shows a weightlifting exercise where he transfers the weights at the back of his head and then pushes them up again. Fans were shocked to see his arms and the cephalic vein popping out.

Fans compliment his arm muscles and cheer him on


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The comments on the post concentrated more on his arms, rather than the workouts he was showing. Fans went into a frenzy after watching his incredible biceps and forearms.

One fan wrote a hilarious comment, “This man can fight a gorilla.” While another compared him to legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman and wrote, “Your hand looks like Ronnie.”

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A fan was astonished and penned, “Is he chewing gum during the workout? Nothing words. We need to focus on the breathing.” One person shared some words of wisdom on why he was chewing gum and wrote, “Chewing gum helps the focus. Been doing it ever since while training.Helps calm the nerves when doing intense training and also concentration.💪🙏😎💯.”

The people who saw the video fell in love with his incredible physique. What do you think about his training method? Tell us in the comments.