Meet the 268 Lbs Bodybuilding Monster With Unimaginable Muscle Size and a 20 Inches Neck

Published Nov 1, 2023 | 11:31 AM EDT

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Popularly known as the ‘Neckzilla’, this Colombian bodybuilder is famous for the huge size of his neck which measures up to 20 inches in circumference. On top of the massive Greek god physique that he flaunts, his muscular neck stands out the most, thus giving him the nickname. Even though he does not hold the official title of the thickest neck in bodybuilding, many veterans believe that this bodybuilder has the most muscular neck in the sport.

Although he does not focus entirely on his neck muscles when he is training, the young bodybuilder is well aware of his main asset. Building on this, he often shows off his muscular neck on social media. Let’s see how he flaunts his unique physique.

Rubiel Mosquera’s bodybuilding journey


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The29-year-old 5’11” Rubiel Mosquera’s first started in 2019 with the IFBB Elite Pro South America, where he took second place in the men’s bodybuilding class. He won the South American Championships in the men’s bodybuilding division in the same year later on.


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Cut to 2020, the bodybuilder was not able to compete in any of the shows for the whole year due to some personal problems. He later competed in the Mr and Miss Europe Pro 2021 and won 5th place.

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In the same year, he again competed in the Elite Pro South American Championships and won the title.

Rubiel’s neck, the highlight of his bodybuilding identity

Even though he does not train his neck specifically, the Colombian bodybuilder has a 20-inch circumference neck that other bodybuilders might be envious of. He has a stunning and solid jacked physique with a good size and proportion. He has shared his massive muscular physique on his Instagram more than once. For example, he once measured his neck on Instagram to prove that it was thicker than his rival bodybuilder, Larry Wheels. The measuring tape showed over 52 centimeters in circumference an insane number, when compared to an average person and even other bodybuilders.

He even collaborated with Larry Wheels and posted pictures on Instagram. Both of them looked jacked and muscular and both were comparing each other’s necks in the pictures. The caption read, “The Neckzilla team @larrywheels.”

How does Rubiel train?

The young bodybuilders’ training is not always the same. He switches things up to maintain the growth of his muscles and stimulate growth. On a particular day Mosquera might train with heavyweights and only does three or five reps per cent. On other days, he only might consider isolation exercises with high rep capacity.

He also concentrates on diet and nutrition, especially when he is going to compete. The bodybuilder avoids white bread and refined grains or sugars at all costs. The only liquid that he prefers drinking during any competition preparation is pure water. He considers eating protein from different sources of food to maintain his muscle mass and this is how he shows his best conditioning.

It’s not just the neck


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Mosquera never wanted to get famous for his muscular neck, but when fans started pouring in their appreciation, he accepted his identity. The bodybuilder even uses the hashtag Neckzilla on his Instagram posts. However, his neck is not the only well-built feature because he has muscles that anybody builder would be envious of. 

As Mr. Olympia 2023 is approaching, the bodybuilding world has been passionately preparing to take over the stage. Mosquera recently shared an Instagram reel where he was working on the adjustable bench that allows him to do an inclined flat and decline bench press. He wrote the caption in a very cold day and showcased a snippet of his training regime which showed off his amazing conditioning.

The fans could not help but notice the mammoth-sized legs while he was bench pressing. They were shocked at the sight of his extraordinarily muscular legs and flocked over to the Colombian’s post to comment. The fans wrote things like, “Hamstrings bigger than both my legs.” One fan even commented on his legs and wrote a pun, “Bro is neck level.” He gets the love and appreciation that he deserves for his physique and it seems like he might win Mr Olympia this year or the next year.


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What do you think about this amazing personality in the bodybuilding world? Did you ever expect a bodybuilder to have such a massive neck? Tell us in the comments below.

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