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“Most Bodybuilders Don’t Make Money From Bodybuilding”: Laying Bare an Ugly Truth, Former IFBB Pro Justifies Why It’s Easier to Walk Away From the Sport

Published 09/25/2023, 4:10 PM EDT

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Bodybuilding is still a rather limited sport that doesn’t get as much exposure as other sports. This is often seen in the economic side of things. Bodybuilders of previous generations have often talked about the minimal prize money that they received for winning prominent contests. As with time, though, the amount has increased quite a bit, but it does not always help with the expenses a bodybuilder has for the profession.

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Dennis James, the retired IFBB Pro bodybuilder who is now the host of the famous “The Menace Podcast with Dennis James” recently talked about various aspects of bodybuilding with his selected set of guests.

An explicit revelation about bodybuilding’s economic side by Dennis James


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In the latest episode of the podcast, Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier, and Maxx Charles joined James. Although the video is titled, “MAXX PERFORMANCE FOR BETTER SEX”, the podcast actually touched upon several other important topics. One of which was a bodybuilder’s expected income. The host told Cormier, “Chris, you also know that it’s much easier to walk away from something that is not your major source of income.

Quite instantly, James then pointed out that bodybuilding as a sport does not really have that high of a paycheck, and definitely not enough if that’s one’s only source of income. He stated, “We got to keep it real most bodybuilders don’t make money”.


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The podcast goes on to discuss how Sarcev is an intensely committed bodybuilder. And no matter what, he will continue to be one.


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Milos Sarcev: The die-hard bodybuilder

Right after addressing the fact that bodybuilding does not provide a solid income and that after a certain age, most bodybuilders must look at other ways of earning, either through business or something else, James stated that, Milos Sarcev was different. He commented quite confidently, “Milos is a die-hard f****** bodybuilder. You don’t, it doesn’t matter, he would you know he would be… Milos would still be on stage today if he could.” Thus Dennis James clarified how if Milos didn’t have the injuries and the chances of being on stage, he would have probably chosen that despite all the odds.


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Bodybuilders usually end up spending more than what they get from winnings. Then what drives all these individuals to bodybuilding? That is why the fitness community is the finest example of people choosing something due to undying passion. Sometimes, logic and the need for money are left behind when one loves what they do. Do you think bodybuilders choose the sport with such a notion? Let us know in the comments.

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