All kinds of sports need the body to be at its best condition. Bodybuilding, therefore is somewhat essential to all sporting fields because the body needs to be flexible and strong. Sometimes there are many athletes who have the potential to become bodybuilders because of their massive muscles and genetic conditioning, but opt for a different sport.

One such athlete is Shannon Sharpe, who according to IFBB pro Milos Sarcev, could actually give a veteran bodybuilder a run for their money. In a recent Instagram post, the 59-year-old Serbian bodybuilder compared the National Football League player to an eight-time Mr. Olympia winner. Let’s see what Sarcev had to say.

Milos Sarcev gushes over Shannon Sharpe


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In the Instagram post, the former Mr. Universe winner was standing with the 55-year-old former 6’2” 228lbs Super Bowl winner as he towered over the bodybuilding champion while smiling ear to ear. According to the post, Shannon aced a session with the IFBB pro coach. Milos Sarcev only had praises for the NFL player and complimented his physique, as well as conditioning. He wrote, “Such an honor, privilege and extreme pleasure – taking @shannonsharpe84 through my giant sets style of training for chest/back/delts yesterday, at the Hunter Campbell’s Gym (inside the @kilo.vegas).”


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Sarcev also commented on Sharpe’s genetics, which according to him, would have done extremely well in the bodybuilding field. Sarcev also went on to say that Shannon might have defeated Ronnie Coleman, who has won the Mr. Olympia eight times. He wrote further, “ Shannon is such a genetic freak that I am sure – had he chosen bodybuilding back in the day – he would have given @ronniecoleman8 run for his money. Definitely a super athlete, strong, athletic, ready for challenge, champion mindset, and no quitting in him…( you guys know – I tried. The warm-up giant set was 12 different exercises …alternating CHEST and BACK exercises…Next rotation – crazy DELTS (front/side/rear) giant set…”

Sharpe might agree with Sarcev as he found his interest in bodybuilding reignited at the age of 55 again. The former NFL player had also worked out with Phil Heath in the past.

Phil Heath makes Sharpe aware of his limitations


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Heath had extended his helping hand to the NFL player to help him understand the technicalities of bodybuilding. Speaking about it in his podcast with Jay & Matt, Heath shared one concern that he had. Heath added, “His problem though like I told him, I said your problem is that he’s a big bench press guy yeah, and I’m like you can’t do that because you’ll have a twinge every now.”

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He also concentrated on the age side of things and said that Shannon cannot be straining his body that much by bench pressing 500 pounds. However, Sharpe has a rigorous workout regime and still stays fit at this age. Post his workout he also makes sure that he gets proper resting time so that his body is not going through any stress.


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Do you think that Sharpe could better the likes of Ronnie Coleman? Let us know in the comments below.

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