7x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to achieve a lot of fame and reputation when it comes to acting in action movies. While it was his childhood dream to act in Hollywood, he managed to establish himself as one of the biggest superstars in the realm of action films. His one rival, however, at that time, was Sylvester Stallone

As a new documentary on Sylvester Stallone is about to be released soon on Netflix, Stallone is actually caught up with a lot of things before the release. As part of the promotional event, he was recently spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Amidst many other things, Stallone also briefly talked about the bond that he shares with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sylvester Stallone reveals his take on Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Apart from many other things that the duo has in common, is their mutual love for fitness and bodybuilding. While Schwarzenegger was initially a bodybuilding sensation, his transition to the show biz was a smooth one. The only obstacle on his road to success was the barrier known as Sylvester Stallone. They both shared an intense rivalry which fortunately turned into friendship later.

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While talking about Schwarzenegger in a short interview with Etonline.com, Stallone confessed that ‘The Austrian Oak’ used to be “the most competitive.” Adding to this, Stallone admitted, “Now I understand the fella,” Stallone said with a laugh.

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Schwarzenegger also does not shy away from talking about the relationship that he shares with Stallone. A few months back, Schwarzenegger posted a picture of him and Stallone celebrating Halloween together as he opened up about his friendship with Sylvester.

Schwarzenegger and Stallone carve a pumpkin together


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Last Halloween, Arnold Schwarzenegger invited Sylvester Stallone to his office for the first time. The duo shared a beautiful memory together as they drank whiskey and carved a pumpkin, celebrating the festivities. Pouring his heart out, Schwarzenegger wrote in the caption, “Unless you are competing in a sport where you either win or lose, nothing is zero sum.” Furthermore, he talked about having a broader perspective, stating, “There is plenty of pie to go around.”

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Speaking particularly about Sly and his rivalry, he said, “You can be successful and still root for the guy two desks down to be successful.” He also said that it took them a few decades to figure out “we could both succeed and be friends and, man, it is so much better.”


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The duo’s rivalry has turned into a friendship over the years. There is no denying that without each other, both of them would have an incomplete career as actors. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.