“Nowadays Everyone Has Elite Genetics”: 19-Year-Old Boy’s Perfectly Carved Physique Leaves Fitness Community Doubtful About Him Being Natural

Published 11/27/2023, 3:23 AM EST

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Bodybuilding has seen numerous kinds of physiques but one thing common in it is that the athletes look bulked up even when they wear sweatshirts or layers of clothes. However, there is another form of bulking up where the build is not seen unless the person flexes their body. This is often called a sleeper build.

The physique might be rippling with muscles but unless the bodybuilder flexes his body, no muscles can be seen. Such is the case of Soren, a 19-year-old who has been bodybuilding for the past 3 years. His physique might leave you surprised.

19-year-old bodybuilder has a secret physique


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A YouTube channel by the name of Brockfit uploaded a video of a 19-year-old bodybuilder by the username SorenW11 who has something called a sleeper build. When he is wearing an oversized hoodie, no one would suspect a thing, and he looks like a harmless schoolboy. However, when he flexes his muscles, his shredded physique looks like that of a Greek God.


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The voiceover on the video gave a similar verdict although there was doubt about his natty status as well. The voiceover narrated, “Expect the unexpected. This guy’s physique might be one of the biggest sleeper builds that I have ever seen.”

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SorenW11 claims that he is a natural. According to the video, “He either was the most elite genetics out there or he is a fake Natty. In my opinion probably a fake natty but he could also be natural.” According to Soren, he has elite genetics, but fans begged to differ in the comments.

Followers do not trust 19-year-old

All the comments under the post slammed any idea that he has elite genetics or is a natural. One follower wrote, “What type of steroid cycle are you on? Oh, I’m taking elite genetics.” Another fan agreed and said, “Look at his babyface. Compare that to elite genetics lifters. They have elite genetics because they already have a good testo value. That kid does not.”


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A fitness enthusiast said, “Nowadays everyone has elite genetics apparently.” One follower disagreed about elite genetics and wrote, “Those elite genetics missed everything above his clavicle.” Another follower commented, “So many people with elite genetics nowadays.” So, no one seems to believe the 19-year-old. Do you think he is a natty?

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