Remembered as the Most Aesthetic Bodybuilder Ever, 81-Year-Old Legend Who Defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger Describes an Ideal Human Physique

Published 08/02/2023, 6:15 AM EDT

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Bodybuilding legend Frank Zane was one of the very first athletes to truly have an aesthetic physique. The ‘God of Aesthetics’ took inspiration to start bodybuilding at 14 when he saw a magazine in the wastebasket and took the initiative to train at the local Wilkes-Barre YMCA weight room. Zane competed during the Golden Age of bodybuilding from the 1960s to the 70s, and combined muscle, symmetry, leanness, and flow. He got the idea of symmetry from two of his icons-Larry Scott and Steve Reeves, who inspired him to gain a proportionate physique. 

Through his Mr. Olympia victories and appearances, he ushered in a new era of bodybuilding where people understood the importance of symmetry. The icon who had beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr. Olympia shared his thoughts on what the perfect physique looks like in a new YouTube video. Frank also talked about his icons and inspirations who helped him become the champion he is today.

Frank Zane reveals what a perfect physique should look like


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During his prime days, the 3-time Mr. Olympia made many heads turn. With a bulging deltoid and a slim waistline, along with striations all over, Zane ruled the bodybuilding world. His off-the-charts physique got everyone speculating about how he acquired it. The 81-year-old finally invigorated his fans by revealing his inspirations and what he thinks is the perfect body.


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The video starts with Zane talking about how a bodybuilder’s physique should look like and he says, “I would say the perfect physique is the one that has great proportions, where everything matches.” Zane adds that one particular thing is not going to stand out from another, and it has to be a perfect blend. “Everything is very well defined,” he adds.

The 1970 Mr. Universe then proceeded to give two examples and took the names of his inspirations: “The best example I know of that is Steve Reeves. From early on, he was my idol in bodybuilding. Because he had everything developed and everything fit perfectly.” Along with that, Zane also looked up to Larry Scott for his deltoids and arms that stood out from everything else in his physique.

“Body of Steve Reeves…Arms of Larry Scott”: 81-Y.O Veteran With a Sculpted Physique That Won Him 3 Olympia Titles, Reveals His Inspiration Behind It

Frank then gave an interesting thought where he contemplated putting Larry Scott’s deltoids and arms on Steve Reeves, which would make the perfect blend of symmetry for Zane. He not only shares his ideas on a shredded and but also gave tips on how to have a body with muscular harmony.

Frank Zane shares his secret to defying genetics and building a proportionate physique

In a previous Instagram post, the 81-year-old shared a picture of his youth. Zane was seen flaunting his ripped physique while posing in front of the camera. ‘The Chemist’ wrote, “Be Disciplined and consistent” in the caption.


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Then he pulled off the covers from the secret and revealed how to gain the best figure. Zane wrote, “The key to building the best possible physique based on your genetics is continuity and discipline”. He described how a consistent and routine workout regime would help an athlete even if they did not have the genes for bodybuilding. 

Zane’s pearls of wisdom about fitness and bodybuilding are worth looking into, and they pave the path for many bodybuilding fanatics and aspirants. Now, with the latest ideas that he shared about symmetry, the legend took the bodybuilding world by storm again. What do you think of his ideas about symmetry? Do you agree with him? Tell us in the comments!


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