“Scam To Stay Relevant”: Despite Liver King Claiming He Might Lose an Eye, Fitness World Brutally Shuns His Gimmicks

Published 09/30/2023, 7:51 AM EDT

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With the advent of the internet, access to almost everything is a lot easier compared to back in the day when even getting genuine supplements was a big deal. To live up to the pressure of social media and to portray a perfect physique online, many people often tend to rely on steroids and performance-enhancing drugs and then lie about their ‘natty status.’ One such fitness influencer who recently found himself amidst a controversy is Liver King.

Months after getting himself involved in a huge controversy, followed by him admitting his steroid usage, Liver King made a new revelation to his fans and viewers via his social media and website. While he confessed that he suffered an eye injury, most of the viewers who came across the post seemed to think that this was just a marketing gimmick to trend on social media platforms. Let’s take a look at what Liver King actually said.

Liver King discloses an eye injury


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Fitness influencer Brian Johnson, who is commonly known as ‘Liver King’ due to the ancestral lifestyle that he follows, actively makes content on the benefits of consuming raw, unprocessed meats. In his recent videos, he was seen wearing an eye patch. While the exact reason for this has been unknown so far, he recently took to Instagram and revealed that he has an eye injury.

While he did not reveal the details of his eye injury, he admitted, “This injury has been humbling, to say the least, but I’m grateful as hell for its lessons.” Disclosing this via an Instagram post, Generation Iron wrote, “Liver King asks for thoughts and prayers as he battles a recent injury that could leave him losing one of his eyes.”


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Upon coming across the post, many from the fitness and bodybuilding spheres expressed their views on the same. Let’s take a look at some of the comments.

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Netizens give their two cents on Liver King’s recent injury


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One of the users commented on the post, saying, “I bet the primals would eat their own eyes if they lost it. Savage,” while another user blamed him for lying as he wrote, “It’s a well known fact : if you lie, you lose an eye, keep lying and you might be dying.” Another similar comment from a person read, “Feels like a scam to stay relevant.”

Giving his honest take on Liver King, a user admitted, “If he would ever try being genuine maybe he would be more relevant. Personally he’s always just been a gimmicky character that didn’t really Interest me.” Another user took a jibe at Liver King as he wrote, “He probably has some remedy or food source that will “miraculously” heal his eye, that will be conveniently in a new product he is releasing.”


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Do you think this is another gimmick by Liver King? Let us know in the comments.

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