Dr. Mike Israetel is not only a bodybuilding legend but also a Ph.D. holder and a scholar. He has a huge social media following and helps people with fitness and workout routines. The chief sports scientist helps fans start their fitness journey through his coaching. Dr. Mike knows the technical and practical sides of weightlifting that help with the proper physique.

He uploaded some new Instagram videos and talked about his workout session in the caption. His technique and condition impressed the fans.

Dr. Mike Israetel shows his training procedure


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Dr. Mike captioned the post by writing, “Chest, triceps, calves, and side delts via my @rpstrength RP Hypertrophy App, which YOU CAN NOW ACCESS IN MY BIO! It’s out, folks! The very tough session today, and it was great to have @jared_feather and @tristynleeofficial to help me through.

He also said about the Master’s Nationals And give details about a new application that his fans can use through his bio. Michael has shocked fans before with his bodybuilding prowess. A bodybuilding page on Reddit had also uploaded his chiseled physique with the caption “Mike Israetel looking surprisingly aesthetic at 227 lbs, 4 weeks out from masters nationals.

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Fans do not leave a single moment and immediately comment on his posts while complimenting his workout and muscular physique.

Fans seem excited to see the incredible form of Doctor Mike

All the comments beside the post were only about how amazing he looked and the strength that he possesses.

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1 fan said in a poetic tone, “The birds 🐦are chirping in awe of that glorious form and technique @drmikeisraetel🔥😍👏”

Another fan complimented him on his technique and said, “Technique straight up robotronic.

One person was starry-eyed with his technique while doing dips and said, “I swear, you do the prettiest dips I’ve ever seen.


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Another person complimented him on his workout techniques and said, “Definition of executing every rep the same way.

Dr. Mike has precision and technique when it comes to working out properly and it shows in his physique. What do you think of his incredible workout? Tell us in the comments below!