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“Superior Genetics Moment”: 73-YO Record-Holding Powerlifter Crushing a Mind-Numbing 450 Lbs Squat Commands Massive Respect From Bodybuilding Community

Published 11/21/2023, 5:30 AM EST

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When Rudy Kadlub deadlifts mighty weights at the gym, you might not believe he is a 73-year-old. The record-holding powerlifter is challenging himself to break records in his seventies. While his strength can make you envy him, his grit to lift hundreds of pounds demands massive respect. 

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The Squat University Instagram channel shared bodily stats of Kadlub, and the shocking revelation made the bodybuilding world bow down to the powerlifting grandpa. 

Rudy Kadlub trains heavily at 73


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The Kabuki Strength CEO’s fitness journey started after a skiing accident that left him with a shoulder injury. When Kadlub’s physician declared that the powerlifter was “getting old,” he resolved to prove his strength to the world. So, he started lifting weights at 55, and at 71, he set four new world records in powerlifting. Since 2012, he has always placed first in the events, he competed in.

But all the strength training at the gym helped Kadlub to set a unique record health-wise, as well. As per the video shared by Squat University, Rudy’s bone density Z score was 5.2, which is “5 standard deviations above the average man his age.” The grandpa believes more than anything strength training would help people age gracefully, as per BarBend.


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At 73, Kadlub is going strong in his passion and squatted 450 lbs weight, stunning the fitness world with his strength. They paid respect to the powerlifting grandpa in the comment section for his impeccable feat. 

Fans applaud 73-year-old powerlifting icon

The bodybuilding community is fascinated by power and strength, and Rudy Kadlub demands massive respect for both. “I train with Rudy at Kabuki. Hugging this guy is like hugging a rock. He’s a beast!” declared a gym mate of the grandpa. 


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Gramps said “I ain’t breaking no hips!” wrote a hilarious fan. “Tons of respect! At 50, I can say it doesn’t get easier with age!” commented a user, underscoring the grit of the grandpa at 73. “Yet there 20 yr olds that can’t match his range of motion,” wrote a fan comparing Kadlub’s form with youngsters. “Superior genetics moment,” wrote a fascinated follower. 

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Rudy Kadlub found his passion for training in his late fifties and yet proved himself as the best for his age. Also, his medical reports suggest only positives of weight training. Don’t you think young people could take a cue from Kadlub’s life? Let us know in the comments below. 


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