“They Come in Bigger Sizes”: Despite Being 6’9, Hafthor Bjornsson’s Height Next to Fellow Strongman Leaves Fitness World Stunned

Published 06/05/2023, 2:56 AM EDT

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Champion strongman, bodybuilding pro, and a famous actor from Game of Thrones, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has an enviable physique. Also known as the Thor, he broke the world record for the heaviest deadlift in 2020 and pulled an astonishing 502kg which broke Eddie Hall’s record. He can also break the record in height, but only if another contender was already not present to tower over him.

In a recent Instagram post, another athlete, Oliver Storgaard, posted a picture with Hafþór and the picture was very surprising. The duo was strolling on a sunny beach, but something more caught the eye of the fans. Let’s see what.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has a contender when it comes to height


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The Instagram post on June 4, 2023, shows the two athletes walking bare-chested on the beach. Both are walking with hats on and athletic tattooed bodies. The post was captioned “Just 2 pretty tall guys feeling the vibe☀️”

However, one of them was way taller than the other. Hafþór Björnsson is not only a pro bodybuilding champion, but he is 6’9 tall! He seems to have taller friends though. Oliver Storgaard is a whopping 6’10 ft tall man and has won Denmark’s strongest man in 2022. So Hafþór definitely has a contender when it comes to height.

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Hafþór said that he wanted to make his body bigger “I basically ate everything. Pizza, Pasta — anything to make myself bigger”. So, it is clear that being a strong man needs height and a strong body. The fans were awestruck with the height difference and the loftiness of both their physiques.

Fans are surprised and in awe

All the fans commented something or the other about both their heights and were shocked at the size of the athletes!


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One fan wrote hilariously, “There are dudes bigger than this guy?” while another commented “The scooter is at their kneecaps…”

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One commenter asked “Are those normal-size beer bottles?” and another fan asked in shock “They come in bigger sizes than Thor??”

Clearly, the fans were not expecting such tall athletes in the strongman arena. What do you think of the heights that are needed in athletics? Tell us in the comments.


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