“They Said I Was Fat”: From Online Gaming to the Mr. Olympia Stage, 181 lbs Beast Bodybuilder Proves Body Shamers Wrong

Published 11/10/2023, 6:00 AM EST

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The Mr. Olympia stage offers widespread recognition to all the bodybuilders competing for the Sandow trophy. While fans root for their champions, many new bodybuilders aspire to become audience favorites with their muscle gains. Andrei Lincan Deiu is one such bodybuilder, who has been climbing up the ladder in the realm of the sport.

Deiu’s bodybuilding journey started when he was 15, after years of sedentary and unhealthy practices. However, the Fitness Model is now under The Pro Creator, Hany Rambod. How did Andrei Deiu transform his life, much to the dismay of his bullies?

Andrei Deiu- The bullied kid


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Fitness and bodybuilding go hand in hand as they require individuals to train at the gym and follow a healthy diet. However, Deiu wasn’t aware of the sport in his childhood. The only game he was interested in as a child was Counterstrike. “I used to miss days at school just to stay in play with my friends, eating like chips and stuff, drinking cold sugary juices and stuff,” Deiu confessed in a video shared by the Gymdivision YouTube channel.


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His real struggle started when Deiu realized that he had gained weight due to his unhealthy lifestyle. “I was so overweight, I remember, I started crying once I put the clothes on because it didn’t fit me,” Deiu revealed. Later, he resolved to teach his bullies a lesson, “They said I was fat, but I had a dream.” After a period of body image issues and low confidence, the Romanian bodybuilder joined the nearest gym. 

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After years of fumbling on the fitness path, Deiu finally learned the best ways to train and diet and started building muscle. Soon, he was competing in bodybuilding shows and earning applause from his admirers. At 17, he first competed in a fitness show and chose Men’s Physique as his domain.

Andrei Deiu’s professional journey


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Bodybuilding rewards athletes with prestigious titles for their consistency, and Deiu has been consistent in his fitness journey since he was fifteen. The 181 lbs icon won the overall Men’s Physique Title during the Miami UK Fitness & Model Championships and won his Pro Card in the 2017 Amateur Olympia.

But Hany Rambod’s disciple dumbfounded everyone with his Mr. Olympia placement in 2020. He was placed 5th in the Classic division and secured 7th in the same category at 2021 Mr. Olympia. Apart from his bodybuilding career, Deiu is also a well-known fitness model, collaborating with Man Active, Evogen, and many more.


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