“This Injury Was Unnecessary”: 8x Mr. Olympia Legend Blames Nick Walker’s Poor Training Approach for Shattered Bodybuilding Dream

Published 11/07/2023, 9:20 AM EST

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Bodybuilding is a very physically strenuous job, and being a bodybuilder needs courage. Since it’s a one-man game, and everything depends on the individual, getting into the right shape can be both physically and mentally taxing. Veteran bodybuilders have been sacrificing a lot to gain a Greek god-like physique and win prestigious competitions. However, sometimes physical injuries are inevitable, and they can even happen at the last moment of a competition, like it did with Nick Walker.

Nick Walker, who is known for his 24-inch biceps and amazing performance in the Arnold Classic, was gearing up for Mr. Olympia in 2023. However, he hurt his hamstring just days before the competition and had to step back from presenting his amazing physique on stage. Legendary bodybuilder Lee Haney recently talked about this and expressed his grievances.

Lee Haney is not happy about Walker’s injury


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In the latest podcast of Old School Labs veterans Lee Haney, Samir Bannout, and John Hansen discussed old-school bodybuilding, Nick Walker’s injury, as well as the 2023 Olympia results. The 8-time, Mr. Olympia Lee Haney was particularly critical of the injury. He started speaking about modern bodybuilders and how they display their exercise and lifestyle on social media. The GOAT also discussed the fact that seeing other people’s prep on social media might make someone train in a way that is not suitable for the body.

Haney expressed the fact that bodybuilders nowadays train their bodies to the extreme and exert more pressure than the body can endure. So, according to him, Nick Walker did some bizarre exercises that would have inevitably hurt him in some way. He said, “He worked his tail off all year, and all his life really to build up to this point.” Finally, the bodybuilding icon expressed, “All of a sudden this injury was unnecessary.” Lee Haney concluded that overtraining does not do any benefits for a bodybuilder and exhausting a body without giving it rest will definitely cause injuries.

Talking about Nick Walker, he said that it was a matter of time because of the way the young bodybuilder was treating and exercising his body. Haney’s main motto is, “Don’t annihilate, just stimulate.” Even after all this, Nick Walker recently gave good use to his fans through his Instagram handle.

Nick Walker has good news for his fans


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Earlier, the 2022 People’s Champion uploaded another video to Instagram. The 29-year-old first congratulated Derek Lunsford for his historic win. He was glad that Derek Lunsford was the first two-division champion in the history of the Mr. Olympia contest. He then shared his own personal good news.

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Walker said that he got an MRI scan to see how badly he had injured his hamstring muscle. “I do have a partial hamstring tear and a grade-one strain, little tear in my calf as well,” said the fan-favorite. 


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He said that the injury was not as serious as he had thought. The 29-year-old further continued, “Nothing crazy, nothing too significant that would require surgery. So that’s great news.” Even the doctors were impressed that he was recovering pretty fast. Nick Walker is definitely not going to quit, and he is going to come back next year. He has also started exercising again, but he cannot train his lower body at the moment, and he is going through rehabilitation to come back even stronger. Do you think Lee Haney was right in pointing out that more bodybuilders exert their bodies too much? Will Nick Walker change his strategy moving forward? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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