Unbelievably Fit at 55, Michael Jai White Has the Most Simple Philosophy for Staying in Shape

Published 12/08/2023, 11:49 AM EST

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Much like bodybuilding, the entertainment world almost always requires actors to stay at the top of their fitness and possess an aesthetic build. Hence, fitness coaches have always taken individuals from both of these professions under their care. Michael Jai White, however, is a member of both communities. The American actor who has appeared in movies like Spawn, Kill Bill, Why Did I Get Married Too?, and Mortal Kombat: Rebirth is also a devout MMA practitioner, and his physique speaks volumes about this.

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The 56-year-old American actor and director, White, is known for his beast-like body. As a Martial Artist, the athlete has stepped into as many as nine different styles. He has confessed to prioritizing his body and health above anything else before. His fitness and diet regimes are hence some of the crucial elements to keep his physique in check.

Michael Jai White implored fans to prioritize their health


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In one of his recent interviews, Michael Jai White talked about how health and one’s body should be the most important thing in their life, and the most exclusive too. He stated, “Figure out what’s more important right? I mean your body, your health is the only thing that you really own that somebody can’t take away from you.”

However, the athlete also mentioned how he does not think that maintaining one’s health and fitness is only a matter of discipline. Instead, he emphasized how every individual has the right to one’s body and hence they get to do whatever they want and however they want it. Thus, he also added, “You say you don’t have time, to you know, to put into your health. I would argue that taking care of yourself is the only thing that gives you more time.”


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White’s argument is exactly the philosophy he follows for his own life. Completely dedicated to living for “a better quality of life,” the MMA athlete has some unique rules for his diet plans.

Michael Jai White’s diet regime

The fitness hunk once revealed how he has four meals a day, which includes both nutrition as well as variety. He begins the day with some eggs, plain yogurt, protein shakes, and multivitamins in some form. Right after, the MMA star would include fruits and nuts for his next meal. Thus maintaining his belief of having fresh homemade food with nutrition from fruits and proteins in the first half of the day, White can move on with his everyday grind.

He then revealed that for the third meal of the day, he prefers to have some chicken breast, sweet potato, and Green salad. Pledging his life to organic food, the athlete tries his best to maintain the amount of necessary protein, vitamins, calcium, fibers, and carbs in check. For the very last meal, Michael Jai White eats tuna, rice, and some asparagus and gets another round of protein shakes to end the day. His usual Macro profile ranges somewhere between 25% to 45% for carbs, 30% to 40% for protein, and 20% to 30% fat.

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White asks his followers to avoid alcohol and sugar, as well as any form of processed food items to maintain their bodies. However, this MMA star does not only rely on his diet to keep himself fit. His fitness regime is as impressive as his diet plans.

Michael Jai White’s fitness routine

In one of his interviews with Muscle and Performance, Michael Jai White revealed his inclinations towards working out at least 3-6 days a week. Not only that, he also gave a step-by-step list of what he dedicates himself to doing every day. He started by talking about the first day which is usually for chest/shoulders/triceps. He mentioned starting with jump rope and continuing with 8 different exercises which included the military bench press, wide dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell press, standing dumbbell row or barbell row, weighted close-grip pull-ups, standing triceps extensions, and dips.


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For his second day, the actor prefers to focus on his back and biceps. He follows another intensive process of 7 steps which included 15 minutes on the elliptical, some preacher curls, cable rows, and barbell curls. He also follows 3 sets of 12 reps of weighted wide-grip pull-ups and weighted chin-ups. Last but not least, he finishes with some Hammer curls.

The third day, however, is strictly reserved for legs and abs. Jai White usually likes to have: 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps of leg presses, calf raises, hamstring curls and hanging leg raises. For his abs, he also likes to do Cable ab crunches and Dumbell lunges.


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An actor who has made his name in the sphere of Martial Arts, Michael Jai White has certainly gone through numerous restrictions to dedicate his life to fitness. What do you think about the 56-year-old star’s routine? Let us know in the comments below.



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