“We Are Creating a Bunch of Weak Men and Women”: 67-YO Bodybuilding Legend Gives an Eye-Opening Reality Check, Labels It as “American Downfall”

Published 01/14/2024, 12:07 PM EST

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Tom Platz, also known as the Quadfather, recently shared some insightful thoughts. From talking about how he has become an orphan without any parents to how he thinks parents trying to make an independent adult by letting them go is one of the best decisions, the bodybuilder did not just share his own story, but also what he believes in truly.

The 67-year-old had recently revealed the demise of his 90-year-old father, the last of his parents whom he had to say goodbye to. Almost a month later, the former bodybuilder speaks again about the current situation he is in without his parents as well as his views about American boys.

Tom Platz gives his insights


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The former bodybuilder began his video by announcing that he would be sharing some “sobering thoughts.” He talked about how he does not have any of his parents left in the world. He stated, “I’m nobody’s son anymore.” Then he went on to talk about how his dad had asked him to figure out his own way in life during his sophomore year so that Platz could become independent, and that was certainly a hard decision for both father and son.


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Platz also talked about how American boys often cut ties with their loved ones a bit too easily. He said, “American young men don’t do enough.” Then Platz suggested, “You have to form a fist with their new life, new girlfriend.” He also declared, “A sixteen-year-old boy in Europe is a man already.” He then added, “We Are Creating a Bunch of Weak Men and Women.” Platz also suggested that people should be broken down first if the intention is growth.


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On the day Tom Platz lost his father, he wrote a very heart-wrenching message for the dearly departed. In the process, he also mentioned how important his father had been as a former US Army Colonel.


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Saying goodbye to his father: Tom Platz

Platz shared the news of his father’s death by posting a picture of his parents on Instagram. He wrote how instead of being mournful he would rather like to celebrate his dad’s long life. Platz also mentioned the professions his dad had in his life. He wrote, “He had only two careers. a. Retired U. S. Army Colonel & Reservist, “Lifer”. b. Equitable Life Insurance, Vice President, 30 years. Retired at 55.”

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When one loses their parents, the world suddenly seems quite different. Thus, in order to address his own feelings after his father’s death as well as talk about how American citizens are not doing their best, Tom Platz has shared his hard-won wisdom with present society.

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