What Is the Role of Hormones in Muscle Hypertrophy and Fat Loss?

Published 12/17/2023, 12:34 PM EST

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The bodybuilding industry is based on the perfection of the body and depends on bringing out the best potential from a person’s physique and genetics. This means extreme levels of proper exercise and training, which are calculated and measured along with a perfectly structured diet. Hormones are vital in enhancing an individual’s best potential to beat their strength or increase their muscle mass.

Most often, we do not think about hormones and take them for granted unless something goes wrong in our bodies. The hormone system is essential to stay healthy and increase one’s fitness level. This is the most critical ingredient for metabolism, which helps increase muscles. After a workout, the body is flooded with either anabolic or catabolic hormones. Hormones also help in muscle hypertrophy.

How do hormones help in muscle hypertrophy?


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In the simplest sense, muscular hypertrophy refers to increasing your muscle cells. It is an increase and growth of muscle cells. Exercise and proper hormone release increase muscle size and help in bulking up. When you want to increase muscles, the best way is to lift weights. 

There are two types of muscular hypertrophy: 

  • myofibrillar: growth of muscle contraction elements
  • sarcoplasmic: increased muscle glycogen repository

Myofibrillar helps in strength and speed, and sarcoplasmic gives sustained energy for high-intensity workouts. Along with this, the anabolic hormones are the ones that help in muscle growth. If there is a higher density of catabolic hormones in the body, you will lose muscle mass. 

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Another hormone that can affect muscle growth is testosterone, which is why there is little difference between how women and men can bulk up since men have more testosterone levels than women. They might break up faster, but men and women have a hundred percent chance of gaining muscles if they lift weights regularly.

Can testosterone help with muscle hypertrophy?

Testosterone is a hormone that increases muscle, mass strength, intensity, and bone density, making this one of the most essential hormones for bodybuilding. Bodybuilders often use testosterone hormones and supplements to increase their muscle mass and make their physique more prominent.

Testosterone hormones are also called TRT in the bodybuilding world, and bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler have taken TRT during their competition years. According to a medical study by E. Charles Osterberg, Aaron M. Bernie, and Ranjith Ramasamy, TRT has a lot of benefits that can enrich a patient’s life. If given in a controlled manner, you can enhance your quality of life, energy level, libido, muscle mass, cognition, and bone density.

In the Muscle Maturity podcast, Samir Bannout, Nick Trigili, and John Hansen gave their opinions on using TRT. Bannout said, “We’re not doing it to become Arnold or Sergio Oliva or winning. If you do it, it will improve your health. You will be healthier when your testosterone is in the middle range or slightly above the middle.”

Another hormone called the growth hormone is also crucial in muscle hypertrophy and can help you reduce fat from unwanted places in the body. It can also help shred the muscles and make the skin paper thin, which is extremely important during competitions.

Growth hormone in bodybuilding


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Human growth hormone is an important compound that is released naturally in the body. The hormone increases during puberty and health in the growth and majority of the body. After the age of 30, the growth hormone production starts declining.

Since bodybuilders have a career that goes beyond the age of 30 sometimes, they have to take synthetic hormones from outside, and HGH is one of them that helps in enhancing the muscles. Growth hormones are the holy grail of the bodybuilding world because they help build muscle while burning fat.

Retaining water in the muscles also makes them look bigger and fuller. Coupled with the fat-burning properties, GH helps shred the muscles and put on more muscle mass, which is extremely important for bodybuilders.


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So, hormones increase muscle hypertrophy, but if the hormone is taken synthetically from outside, it should be taken under proper medical supervision and calculated so that it does not harm the natural production of hormones in the body.

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