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“Winston, I Love You”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Confesses His Love for Former British PM and It’s Not Because He Was a Great Politician

Published 11/21/2023, 12:45 AM EST

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The world almost surrendered to the Nazi threat when Adolf Hitler ruthlessly barged into the European nations. The Great Britain rested its future in the hands of 65-year-old Winston Churchill. The stout man smoking a cigar became one of the crucial figures in world history. Have you ever thought what would happen when Churchill meets the bodybuilding legend cum politician Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Marvin R. Shanken of Cigar Aficionado was curious to know what Schwarzenegger would convey to Churchill if the magazines’ iconic faces ever met up and Arnie became candid about his thoughts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger confesses love for Winston Churchill


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While the world respects the former Britain Prime Minister for his leadership that brought an end to the Nazi realm, Arnold Schwarzenegger is fond of Churchill, not because he is a great politician. The 76-year-old resonates with the late Britain Prime Minister for his love of Cigars. 

The Austrian Oak, like Winston Churchill, is a Cigar Aficionado. So, appearing in an interview with Shanken, Schwarzenegger answered the hypothetical question of what he would say to Churchill if he ever had to meet the late politician for dinner. “Winston Churchill always had a cigar, and now you’re having dinner with him, and you’re having a cigar. What do you wanna say to him?” queried an old Shanken.


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Winston, I love you, and I tell you why. Not only because you’re a great politician, and you were a great leader during the Second World War, the great negotiator, but you have good taste in Cigars, and you are a great painter,” Schwarzenegger answered the host’s question, unveiling his affection for Churchill. And Arnie’s fans very well know how cigars have become a part of the Terminator icon’s aura.

The Governator’s Cigar love

The 76-year-old attributes his love for his cigar to his father-in-law, Sargent Shriver. It was in the latter’s basement that Schwarzenegger would learn the skill of smoking Cuban cigars. Later on, the Austrian Oak expanded his taste for high-quality cigars while building a unique style around them.


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On the other hand, Winston Churchill came across Cuban cigars during an expedition to the country while serving the British army. Later on, he would smoke eight to ten cigars a day. Winston and Schwarzenegger would truly bond on their cigar love if they ever met.

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Despite multiple heart surgeries, Arnold Schwarzenegger never quit smoking cigars, and a pack of elite Cuban cigars is always on his premises. While it is bad for health, Arnie makes it look regal.


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