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With His Current Impeccable Form, Can Samson Dauda Defend His Arnold Classic Title?

Published 11/20/2023, 10:39 PM EST

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On the weekend of the 3rd March, the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio saw the 35th edition of Arnold Classic. All the fans of bodybuilding saw seven bodybuilding champions crowned throughout the weekend, and Samson Dauda also known as the Nigerian Lion, took the winning title in the Men’s Open Arnold Classic championship. The Hulk had to face nine IFBB pros in the world including two-time Mr. Olympia winner, Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay and Nick Walker, as well as Andrew Jacked. 

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However, Dauda took the title and got his award from none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger along with a $3 million check for the first place. Since then, he has also participated in Mr. Olympia, and even though he did not win, he was in the top three, after which he went on to win the Romania Pro. With all the back-to-back achievements of the Nigerian Lion, fans speculate that he might be able to defend his Arnold Classic title and become the next Mr. Olympia.

Verdict of bodybuilding veterans


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In the recent episode of the Menace podcast host, Dennis James, Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev, and Sameon Dauda were all present. He had reflected on his achievement and declared that he believed he could do it. The Nigerian Lion was the sixth at the 2022 Olympia, which was ultimately won by Hadi Choopan. Dauda also declared that competing in a show three months after had served him well, because of the conditioning that he made between the two shows.

A bodybuilder knows his physique the best, and he was right in thinking that he’s always better the second time around. This feeling was validated when he came out in the first call and was placed in the middle. After his victory, several fans started speculating that he could win the next Olympia, even if he had not won the present one.


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Fans also compare him to Lee Haney because of the similar structure and shape, and Haney has even acknowledged the fact that Dauda was elated to know. Dauda’s inspiration is Phil Heath after witnessing him in the 2013 title. Since 2014, he has gone through a tough trajectory to have the best physique. His Instagram post shows his regular progress. Even though he was favored by the fans, he did not win the 2023 to Olympia and was placed third. However, in the upcoming shows, he has achieved every single title and it’s proving the fans, right.

Samson Dauda winning titles

He recently went to the Romania Muscle Fest and was declared the winner. The Nigerian Lion definitely had a strong competition with the other bodybuilding champions but ultimately he was the winner. After that, he also achieved the winning title in ELVS Prague Pro 2023.

He uploaded his final posing routine on his own Instagram account. Surely he kept his name as a Nigerian Lion. He was oozing  confidence. He captivated the audience with the most entertaining smile, while gave poses like a Greek god. Each pose was perfect with all his muscles, and striations, flawlessly, showing. 

Even the fans in the comments agreed to the fact that he was deserving of becoming Mr. Olympia. The first comment in his video was, “ That’s what a genuine Mr. Olympia looks like. Awesome dynamic posing routine as well.” There were fans who also commented about his posing, and the fact that he’s evolving right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Samir Bannout predicted his win


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Legendary bodybuilder, Sameer Bannout who won 1983 Mr. Olympia, is considered to have one of the greatest physiques of all time on stage. In a previous episode of the muscle maturity podcast on a YouTube channel called Old School Labs, he predicted that Dauda could win the 2023 Arnold Classic

He said “I’m impressed with Samson’s physique honestly. I just love the way he’s put together properly. If we get that quality, you know that onion skin, honestly, he has an advantage. No disrespect to anybody else. I like Nick; he’s improving, but man Samson’s body, I’m heavily impressed by his overall.”

Fortunately, he was right, because Dauda did win the Arnold Classic with his impeccable conditioning. This proves that not only are the bodybuilding veterans correct about his physique, but even the fans can see the perfection in his muscles.  


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Apart from that, his workout routine is definitely an effective one because of his flawless physique. His training routine consists of legs, back, arms, chest, and shoulders. He mainly focuses on isolating, every muscle group with a specific exercise for an all-around development. So if everyone is backing up the Nigerian Lion and he’s also winning back-to-back shows at the end of 2023, it is not surprising that people will expect him to win 2024, Mr. Olympia. 

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