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51-YO ‘Touch It’ Rapper Reveals His Drastic Weight Loss Journey, Brought On by a Revelatory Moment After a Nigh of Recreation: “Really Difficult Time Breathing”

Published 08/08/2023, 9:15 AM EDT

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With the declining state of the world riddled with the many health issues that threaten life, fitness has emerged to be a crucial aspect. From the famous to the ordinary, every individual understands the worth of prioritizing health and fitness. Similarly, American rap sensation, Trevor George Smith Jr. had a similar realization after he suffered a concerning asthma attack. 

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A recent interview with Men’s Health revealed the hip-hop icon’s ordeal that opened his eyes to the reality of life. An asthma attack and an altercation with his ex-partner got him up on his feet to drive change. The rapper lost a massive 100 lbs soon after the incident and is now mindful of his health. 

Busta Rhymes’ dilemma with health


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As per the interview from last week, the 51-year-old artist had gained weight after being unable to cope with his father’s passing away in 2014. He drowned himself in work and a bad lifestyle leading up to a weight gain as high as 340 lbs. He even suffered a 90% blockage in his throat that disturbed his breathing. 

Therefore, once when the rapper was spending an intimate moment with his ex-partner, he had a “really difficult time breathing.” He walked out of the bedroom and tried to keep it calm, but Trevor struggled to breathe. “I felt like I was having like an asthma attack—but I don’t have asthma,” the rapper recalled in the interview with Men’s Health


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Eventually, Rhymes realized that he needed to pull up his socks and work towards his fitness. After much hard work and dedication, the Look At Me Now singer lost a whopping 100 lbs and reclaimed his shredded physique. Flexing chiseled muscles now at 52, he swears not to go down that road again. He also opened up about his struggle with obesity earlier in the interview. 

Busta Rhymes reveals why he got obese 


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While there can be only one reason for obesity, that is lack of fitness, it can be influenced by many factors. For Busta Rhymes, it was his father’s loss that bogged him down in life. Soon after his demise, the artist was in the worst shape of his life and with health issues. 

“I was in horrible shape in 2018 and 19…I was about 340 pounds, and then I was having all kinds of ailments happen,” he said in the interview. He worked out for two years to regain his fit proportions and vowed to do everything in his reach to stay lean. 


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Fitness is a basic necessity of the body, and if not practiced shall be expensive for the health. There has been rising awareness of the cruciality of fitness, with numerous influencers vouching for it, and incredible transformations like the rapper himself happening. 

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