“You Need Repetition, Speed, and Ease”: Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Discloses Secret to Building Healthy Habits Quickly

Published 02/12/2024, 1:18 PM EST

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Arnold Schwarzenegger although 76 years old still has better discipline and habits than most. The former bodybuilder recently helped his followers by giving short 3-variable tips on how to build a strong habit and keep it going. In the process, the Austrian Oak not only talked about the variables but also revealed interesting examples for better understanding.

According to research, habits can take anywhere from 18 days to almost 9 months to fully form. Per Schwarzenegger, to keep them intact and yield productivity out of them, one must keep in mind some of the inevitable variables.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about complexity, consistency, and accountability


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In one of his latest issues of Arnold Pump Club, Schwarzenegger revealed how a habit can be made and kept if one keeps in mind the three points: complexity, consistency, and accountability. He stated how complex behavior can elongate the process to a great extent, “The more complex the behavior, the longer it will take to stick. To build a habit quickly, you need repetition, speed, and ease.”


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Moreover, about consistency, he gave a tip on how one can be consistent with their new habits. He said, “If you can link a new behavior to one you already perform consistently, it can lead to quicker habit formation.”

Then the bodybuilder focused on accountability. He noted, “Anything that creates reminders and positive support and doesn’t require you to do it all on your own will increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to the plan.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger also recently revealed a habit which, if followed, can help people reduce their mortality rate by a significant percentage.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s habit suggestion

In one of his posts on Arnold Pump Club, the Austrian Oak commented on how strength training can yield unimaginable health benefits. He stated, “A 20-year study on more than 400,000 people found that strength training decreases mortality risk by 40 percent.” Then the bodybuilder further took into consideration how some people might not be able to do such heavy training. For them, Arnie suggested, “One hour per week of cardio will reduce your mortality risk by approximately 15 percent.”

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The importance of building a good habit is felt by almost everyone at some point in their life. However, due to a lack of directions, many people can’t find the right way to approach it or stay consistent with it. But with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tips and suggestions, it might just be a bit easier for the community.

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