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“You’ll Lose Your Memory, Trust Me”: 18 Years Younger Arnold Schwarzenegger Fails to Recall an Incident Narrated by His 94-Year-Old Bodybuilding Rival

Published 09/24/2023, 10:30 AM EDT

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In the world of bodybuilding, people come and spend their entire lives dedicating it to their profession. They follow strict routines every single day, till it becomes extremely engrossing that they forget about the outside world. This situation is quite common, and when it’s told by one of the greatest bodybuilders ever, it really makes us think about it seriously.

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The seven-times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly the greatest trophy the bodybuilding community ever had. Even at the age of 76, he holds the utmost power to change the world. However, the age had started to make a mark on him, as he admitted defeat to his memories.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his bad memory as he forgot something back in his days


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In an unlisted video from @ThePump YouTube channel, Schwarzenegger was featured alongside the 5’11, 94-year-old bodybuilder Vic Downs. The video highlights several facades of rivalry from both the opponents’ points and it further showcases how different their perspective has become off-stage and with plenty of experience. When Downs brought up the incident of Arnie making plans with him and then not showing up at the gym as promised, Schwarzenegger confessed not to remembering the incident.

Furthermore, Schwarzenegger stated how his age had a big role to play in his forgetful memory. He deliberately presented his case as, “When you get to my age then you would also forget certain things. And you will lose your memory, trust me”.


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“If You Do Weight Training, You Die Soon”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recollects Outlandish Misconceptions About Bodybuilding From His Prime

Although age plays a significant role both in sports and in certain aspects of life, when asked about Schwarzenegger’s opinion on the right age to start a gym, he honestly replies to his fans.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his views on whether a 14-year-old can join a gym or not

When one of the community members asked, “I’m 14 and I want to improve my body, should I start going to the gym at this age?” Arnie had something to suggest to him alongside another girl of the same age, with almost a similar inquiry. Schwarzenegger stated boldly, “Whether you’re a girl or boy, at 14, you can start training. I recommend starting with some things you can do at home”.

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Bodybuilding demands a whole lifetime from an individual if they are truly willing to invest in it. Bodybuilders must also take their age into consideration when it becomes necessary, which is highly important. As Arnold Schwarzenegger is already 76. What do you think you expect from the legendary bodybuilder’s upcoming ventures? Or do you think the confession he made would come back again and again? Let us know in the comments below.


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