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Fans Sound the Alarm on John Fury Over ‘Fake’ Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Detail

Published 02/01/2023, 1:45 PM EST

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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s fight is about to take place on Feb 26. So, the two fighters are going to face each other in less than a month, taking into consideration that everything goes smoothly. And amidst all the drama, John Fury, Tommy Fury’s father, has posted a video for Jake Paul where he confirms that Tommy fury is definitely going to show up for the fight and take down ‘The Problem Child’. The video was a direct message to Jake Paul where John Fury wants him to know that Tommy Fury is not going to pull out this time.

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John Fury is a former professional boxer and trainer who raised Tyson Fury and several of his siblings into the sport. He is known for his rough and confrontational personality, which was often a contrast to Tyson’s more laid-back demeanor.

“Quick video to Jake Paul  and Co”: John Fury


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John fury sends a raw message to Jake Paul where he tells him that there is no way Tommy Fury is not going to show up for the fight on February 26th. He said that the young Fury cannot wait to fight against Paul. And if ‘The Problem Child’ still thinks that they won’t be there for the fight, then they are going to prove him wrong.

And he also threatens Jake Paul by saying that he’d be going out of the ring on a stretcher and that there is no chance, Paul is going to win this fight against Tommy Fury. He also said that he can never bet on Paul winning this match. And then calls out the fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva, a ‘fake’ one. He claims that Jake Paul’s punch didn’t even touch Silva’s face and he still fell down.


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John Fury said, “And your last fight with Da Silva, that fake thing, where you- you missed him mate and he fell on the ground. I’ve watched it time and time again on the video. Da Silva, you missed him he fell down and got counted out”. Then he also told Paul to be ready and prepare for the challenge, “You’re in a real fight this time with a man who can bang with both hands. So advice to you, keep them up.”

Fans react to John Fury’s video

There were some fans who denied the reason given by John Fury for calling the Anderson Siva and Jake Paul fight a ‘fake’ one. Most of them corrected him and stated that the fight seemed legit.

One fan wrote that the knockdown of Silva was not fake but rather legitimate, and also said that Fury never sent anybody on a stretcher in the past.

One of the fans said that he loves John Fury but he is not right about Da Silva’s fight

Then one more fan points out that, even though John Fury claims to have seen the fight many times, he still believes that Silva was “counted out”.

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And then one of them straight up corrected John Fury that the match went to a decision.

There were also some fans who were showing concern for Tommy Fury as it’d now be very crucial that he actually wins the fight. One fan points out that if Tommy Fury loses, it’d be a very embarrassing situation.

Another one said that John Fury always finds ways to make things about himself and wished that Tommy Fury is training hard.


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A fan also said that he does not have any interest in this fight, but his prediction says that Tommy Fury may get a backache before the fight because of all this pressure.


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Well, the result will only get out after the bout on February 26th. But John Fury is quite affirmative that the fight will surely happen and Tommy Fury will be there to fight Jake Paul. What are your thoughts on John Fury’s remarks? Did Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva seem ‘fake’ to you? Let us know in the comments.

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