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My passion for sweet science began at the tender age of 12, a gift from my father who introduced me to the legendary persona of Muhammad Ali. In my heart, 'The Rumble in the Jungle' still remains to be the pinnacle of sporting history. Over the years, my fervor for boxing remained intact, although life's commitments sometimes deviated me from being a hardcore fan of the sport. But things changed when I joined ES, and it marked an offer I couldn't refuse. The fact that I could get paid for watching and chronicling my cherished sport felt like a dream. Since I joined ES, I have achieved accomplishments that fill me with immense pride. Penning more than a thousand articles, I have had the privilege to report on seven live events during my tenure. These include some of this year's most exhilarating bouts such as Tank vs. Garcia, Mayweather vs. Gotti III, Canelo vs. Ryder, Paul vs. Diaz, Joshua vs. Helenius, Canelo vs. Charlo, and Fury vs. Ngannou. Additionally, one of my articles was shared by the daughter of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali on her Instagram story. This surreal acknowledgment left me in awe, considering the admiration I've held for her father throughout my teenage years. Notably, one of my articles dedicated to Muhammad Ali achieved a remarkable 31% scroll rate and garnered praise from devoted fans. Thus far, my journey with ES has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I eagerly anticipate adding further remarkable chapters in the future. When my focus isn't fixated on the pugilistic world, I find solace in cinema and books.