Andrew Tate Reveals His Mt. Rushmore, Includes Kanye West, Donald Trump & More

Published 11/23/2022, 5:30 AM EST

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On 19th November, Elon Musk countermanded Twitter’s ban policy. The social media platform used to take strict measures against varied personalities for unacceptable and debased conduct that ran contrary to its policies and regulations.

Twitter in a new direction


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Under Musk’s guidance, Twitter is angling off in a new direction. In a tweet, he shared his plans for the management of content. Many have lauded the move, calling it a necessity, taken on time.

Andrew Tate immediately left for American shores to pay homage to the man he considers a ‘legend.’ In his latest tweet, he shared a pic with fans and followers where he stands alongside Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Elon Musk in the middle.


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Fans couldn’t have asked for more.

Andrew Tate versus Twitter

The former kickboxer switched careers somewhere in the middle of the last decade. However, the move could have been more welcoming. First, he was taken off the reality show Big Boss over acerbic comments. Then, setting up a handful of websites later, he soon had to wind up because of inappropriate content.

Finally, he launched Hustler’s University, which established his name.

However, Tate is not a man to check the time before commenting. He received criticism for his views on the #metoo movement, especially for mentioning that women were equally responsible for any violence that happened to them.

Top G is a favorite of right-wing followers. If truth be told, he topped the list of google searches at one point, followed only by Donald Trump and Covid 19!


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On expected lines, social media platforms initiated bans on Tate one by one. By 2021, all the accounts he held with Twitter ceased to exist. Then, in August this year, Facebook and Instagram took extreme measures. Short video platform TikTok explained its reasons for removing Tate’s account, “Tate’s account was removed for violating the company’s policies that bar “content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group” based on attributes including sex.”

Donald Trump marks his return after two years. Twitter banned him from the platform on charges of stoking the January 6th violence leading to the US Capitol attack.

Other influential personalities to have their accounts reinstated include rapper Kanye West, whose antisemitic comments led to expulsion in October, comedian Kathy Griffin and Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson.


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Twitter’s steps will leave many with heartburn. But Top G’s fans are awestruck with their icon’s entry into the ‘Valley of The Kings.’

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