Boxer Struggles To Stand After “Dangerous Shot” From Opponent During Sparring Session, Fans Show Concern

Published 02/20/2024, 1:00 PM EST

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With each passing day, the conversation about making boxing a safer sport gets denser. Over the years, while policies have been implemented to ensure the well-being of fighters, a significant risk remains. After all, it is a sport where fighters battle each other to determine who among them is the best. In a video that has emerged on the internet, a certain excerpt from a sparring session has furthered this discourse.

For boxers, a sparring session remains extremely crucial in their preparation for the main ring. It is a session that provides them with real-time insights into how their prowess is faring against a fighter and where improvements can be levied. Sometimes, in these sessions, a fighter showcases their power, leaving their sparring partner fazed. In a unique example of such instance, a fighter was not just fazed by a “dangerous shot” but seemed to even lag a bit until he could recuperate.

A lag-inducing shot!


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An avid reporter of boxing’s happenings, Boxing Kingdom on their X, formerly Twitter posted an extract video of a sparring session between two young fighters. One, fitted in red, and the other in purple. The two fighters, deeply engrossed in a sparring session at their gym were briefly stopped by a voice, presumably their coach. Why, you ask? Well, from the looks of it, the fighter in the purple gear took a lethal shot at his partner, leaving the latter visibly fazed and even clueless for a moment.


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A voice from the background took immediate notice of the devastating shot and sought to pause the session until the fighter in red could recuperate and analyze what had just happened. The other fighter, who had landed the shot too showed his sportsmanship, agreeing to pause the session, and checking on his partner. The video has won the hearts of fans. However, it also further sparked the debate on how boxing as a sport can be lethal.

Is boxing a safe sport? Sparring session sparks debate

While injuries have become a sad reality that can seldom be avoided in boxing, a user was astonished that the fighter in question was affected by the punch despite wearing a headgear.

Another user was just glad that the coach was attentive enough to pause the session when needed.

A user then stated the obvious, but a very important point to note.

Another comment acknowledged the restrain the dominant sparring partner showed when the other one was deeply impacted by his shot.

However, the bottom line was one pertinent argument. Is boxing safe?


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Despite multiple efforts over the years, boxing continues to remain one of the most lethal sports out there. Once on the canvas, a fighter is taking a massive risk that could prove to be fatal too.


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What do you think about this sparring session? How do you think the sport could be safer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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