Boxing Trainer Lauds Shakur Stevenson for This Move That Worked in Amateurs for His Fighter

Published 04/13/2024, 6:45 AM EDT

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Shakur Stevenson has only fought 21 professional fights yet, but he’s already inspiring the fighters in their amateur careers. No matter what anybody says, it’s a fact that Stevenson has one of the best defenses in modern-day boxing, and his ‘retreating style’ always comes in handy for him. Much recently, his feint technique was adopted by a boxing trainer and it worked wonders for his fighter.

Stevenson has been branded as one of the most “boring” fighters in his last contest against Edwin De Los Santos. The reason behind these claims is that Stevenson threw the least amount of punches in the history of a boxing fight. However, the respect for his technicalities can be seen on his Instagram Story, as it helped an amateur fighter win his latest bout.

Shakur Stevenson receives respect from his successors


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Boxing trainer Coach Red talked about how his fighter, Carlito Mejia Garibo worked on a special move to defeat his opponent in the amateur fight. Well, his trainer revealed that they even did it with Terence Crawford, however, he stole the special move from none other than Shakur Stevenson. So, Garibo feinted a jab at his opponent and then instantly went in for a body shot.

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In the next move, he reversed it smartly, feinted a body punch, and landed a clean jab on his opponent’s face. So, appreciating this ordeal of his fighter, Coach Red wrote on his Instagram Story, “Shout out to @carlito_garibo for implementing a move we work on..also do this move with Bud. But the person I stole it from is @shakurstevenson shout out to you champ.


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This comes after the criticism from Blair Cobbs, who talked about how Stevenson’s style of boxing wouldn’t really help him much in the current age against modern-day boxers.

Blair Cobbs doesn’t mince words at all

Shakur Stevenson’s last win has lit a fire under fellow contender Blair Cobbs. Cobbs isn’t impressed with Stevenson’s ‘retreating’ style, calling it a bore for fans and a detriment to the sport. Cobbs believed Stevenson’s performance against Edwin De Los Santos was just another night at the office. He claims this safety-first approach, where Stevenson prioritizes avoiding punches over engaging in exciting exchanges, is his “baseline.


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The only difference, according to Cobbs, is that De Los Santos was a tougher opponent than Stevenson is used to facing. Talking to MillCity Boxing, Cobbs said, “We come to see boxing because of the entertainment value, and they don’t have that entertainment value right now, and that’s a problem. He performed the way he did because he had no choice. That is actually his style. Most times, he looked better because the other fighter looked worse. That’s just how he fights. He fights like that all the time.

So, Cobbs presented a well-put argument, but it seems that won’t be enough for Stevenson to change his style, because he’s getting the results he wants, and is going undefeated in the lightweight division. What are your thoughts on Stevenson’s style? Tell us in the comments section.


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