“By Friday Night I Am Ravenous”: Vintage Sylvester Stallone Who Pushed Himself to Insane 2.9% Body Fat Had a Bizarre Diet Plan for Weekdays and Weekends

Published Sep 10, 2023 | 8:30 AM EDT

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When it comes to talking about action stars with godly physiques, no one can leave out bodybuilding legends like Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, during Stallone’s heydays in Hollywood, he had a bizarre technique of gaining muscles and did not maintain the usual training regime that bodybuilders do. His diet and training was very unique and completely offbeat.

The actor who became a household sensation after his ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ franchise still maintains his flawless physique at the age of 77. So what was his secret? What diet did he have? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Sylvester Stallone’s crazy diet plan


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The actor and bodybuilder, who was a frequent hero in action flicks in the 90s, had to always stay in shape because of his movies. The writer of ‘Paradise Alley’ had a very bizarre diet plan, which was not always balanced, but he still maintained his godly structure.


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In a YouTube short video by Luke Sherran, he showed the workout regime and the diet plan of the ‘Italian Stallion’. In the words of the legend, himself the voiceover said, “I work out pretty much every day. I try to change the routine. I am always looking for a new bodybuilding routine.” The man who was known for his blockbuster movies like ‘Rocky’, ‘First Blood’, and the ‘Expendables’ franchise did workouts one hour every day. 

The voiceover in the video explained, “During interviews in the early 90s Stallone talked about his personal hack to stay shredded all year round.” It was followed by the words of Stallone, who popularized boxing through his movies, and he said, “Mostly it’s all diet which you eat is what you is.” 

Stallone had a strict diet plan but he let go of all restrictions during the weekends. As the voiceover narrated, “He says he has a strict diet plan during the week but then eats whatever he wants during the weekend.” 

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The man who survived on 25 coffee cups and two oatmeal cookies for ‘Rocky III’ had admitted his crazy diet routines. He said in an old clip, “I overdo it during the weekends. During the week it’s almost all protein and by Friday night I am ravenous. And then I’ll bulk up by Monday when I’m back on the regime. I’ll be down on 1,100 cal and then on the weekend I could be up to like 9000 cal.” This huge change in food intake and calorie consumption did not affect his body because he was disciplined with his workout, and maintained his godly structure. He also frequently trained with other bodybuilding legends for his movies apart from having a bizarre diet. 


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Stallone shares, rare footage of training for Rocky

The Instagram video showed Sylvester Stallone and Franco Columbu engaged in an intense workout session. This evergreen video resurfaced after four decades giving the fans, a lifetime opportunity of witnessing two legends together.

Before the workout began, Stallone and Colombu had a brief conversation with each other. The camaraderie between both of them is impeccable. Stallone asks Franco with determination, “Let’s try to work on shoulders today, you know.” Franco replies, “Want to train shoulders?” And they both agree, and are on the same page.


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The dedication of Stallone towards his craft as an actor, and a bodybuilder surpasses every hurdle. Even if he had an old diet plan and indulged in his favorite foods during the weekends, he still maintained the discipline routine throughout his life that has made him a legendary name in people’s hearts. What do you think about his diet regime? Tell us in the comments below.

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